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Term 2

The children have settled back after half term. They are all excited and engaged in our new topic, Fantastic Food ! We have already made some porridge and written instructions for making toast in our English lessons. In PSHE we discussed the things we can do to stay healthy such as getting enough sleep, regular exercise and eating a balanced diet. We used maps and atlases to show the journeys that different foods take from plant to plate. We have asked the children to think about the journey their food may have taken when they sit down for breakfast or dinner each day.

We have linked English to our topic and the children have been writing recipes and instructions- ask your child how to make stone soup ! We have been learning actions to help us remember the story of John Burningham's book, The Shopping List. Can you guess what the children are acting out in the photos ?

In phonics we continue to learn the phase 3 sounds and practice the skills of blending (for reading words) and segmenting words in order to write.  

In Maths we have been busy learning the part, part, whole method to solve addition and subtraction problems. Ask your child how many ways they can make 9 using this method. 

Actions for our story

Actions for our story 1
Actions for our story 2

Learning about our senses

We have had fun learning about our senses in Science this term. We tasted different foods and decided whether they tasted sweet, sour or salty. We also had to use our sense of smell to work out what was in the mystery smell pots.  We have been carrying out investigations to work out which instruments' sounds travelled the furthest using our sense of hearing.