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Term 2

The children have all settled back into school well following half term. They are all very excited and engaged with our new topic; Fantastic Food! We have already made some tasty porridge and written instructions for making toast in our English lesson. Some children have even been baking at home! In our PSHE lessons we have also discussed other things we can do to stay healthy! We used maps and atlases to show the journey that foods such as bananas take from plant to plate! We have asked the children to think about the journey their food may have taken when they sit down to breakfast or dinner each day. 


In Science, we will be learning about the parts of the body and carrying out investigations designed to test the five senses. At home you could help to ensure that your child knows which body part is linked to each of the five senses. You could also carry out a sound walk as you walk to school in the morning, noticing which sounds you can hear as you travel through the park or along a busy road. 


We have linked our English lessons to our topic and the children have enjoyed writing recipes and instructions. Ask your child how to make stone soup! In phonics we are continuing to learn the phase 3 phonic sounds. Soon we will be exploring the book, The Shopping List by John Burningham.


Whilst in Maths, we have been busy learning how to use the part, part, whole method to solve addition and subtraction calculations. Ask your child to show you how many ways they can make 9 using this method!

Making sense of our five senses!


We have really enjoying our Science topic this term. We have been learning about our five senses. We have carried out several investigations and experiments to test how our five senses work. We have tasted sweet, salty and sour foods, smelt lovely (and disgusting!) things in smelly pots, felt and classified different materials, listened really carefully to see which instruments sounds travels the furthest and made beautiful leaf sculpture.  

Picture 1 We listened carefully to the sounds.

English - Acting out our new story!


We have been learning actions to help us remember the John Burningham book, The Shopping Basket.


Can you guess what actions Willow class are doing in these photos?


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3