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Term 2

TERM 2  - Week 6


We have had a very busy week performing our Nativity to over 200 people!


Emily - I was king in the play. I really like singing my solo!


Grace - The funniest bit was when Ms Price and Mr Jones were the donkeys!


Summer - I liked being a sneaky star and hiding from the kings!


Zahra - I loved being a sheep and waking up the sleepy sheep!


We have also been learning about blue whales and next week we will be writing a report about whales in our English lessons 


Nuala - Did you know whales are the biggest animals to ever have lived?


Gene - A blue whale weighs the same as 15 school buses!


Yasmin -  Did you know a blue whale has one of the loudest calls in the animal world?


In Maths we have been learning to give change.


Ivy M - We drew our own number lines with rulers and counted on in fives or tens to work out the change!


In DT we have made some beautiful clay models to give to people as presents (but it's a secret so we won't talk about it any more!)

Term 2 - Week 4 


Our main focus this week has been on creating the best nativity play anyone has ever seen!



Ivy G - This week we have been learning about money. 


Jonathan - We made pretend shops and worked out how much we needed to pay in the shops.



Myla - We created our own story based on the storm whale.


Grace - My story was called the Icy Koala! 





Term 2 - Week 3


Another busy week with lots of learning:


Jude/Zahra: "In Maths, we have used symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p); combining amounts to make a particular value using the BARMODEL AND PART PART WHOLE MODEL". 


Luc/Huseyin: "In Art, we have learnt all about an Artist Hannah Turner; to help me label my plan in DT."


Aisha/Grace: "In Geography, we have used a map of our school and surrounding area and looked at where we live."


Molly/Myla - "In English, we have been learning about our new story focusing on story language - 'The Storm Whale'.  Ask us to retell the story using actions.  


***** The children will be receiving a spelling sheet to take home on Friday (see below).  Please help your child to spell the words for Term 1 and Term 2.

Thank You. 


Amazing Maths!

Week 2!


What have learnt this week?


Amos - We have learnt about coordinating conjunctions and how you use them.


Louie - In Maths we have been doing takeaways. 


Ivy - We have been learning to subtract a two digit number from a two digit number. 


Yasmin - We found our houses on a large map and we drew on the map to show how we got to school.


Ruba - In English we wrote letters to our mummy's and daddy's telling what we do in school and using coordinating conjunctions!


Term 2, Week 1 : What a busy week it has been!!



We had a very exciting day on Tuesday where we launched our new reading scheme.  We dressed up as our favourite character/word.  Children will be receiving their usernames and passwords on Monday.



We have been doing lots of fantastic learning this week, few highlights that children mentioned this week:

In Maths, we have been learning to add three 1-digit numbers using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods. 

 In English and Science, we went on a habitat hunt around the school and identified different habitats for different animals. What other habitats can you find for different animals on your way home today?

 In RE, we have been learning about Islam and what Muslims believe.  We sorted out statements that were either true or false! Ask the children a question about Islam!

Lastly, In PE children had a session of gymnastics.  They focused on balancing, breathing and their heart rates. 

Welcome back to Term 2!!


We hope you have had a nice break and are ready for another fantastic term! This term the children will continue to develop new skills and understanding across the curriculum. 


We are already excited to get our second term started with our topic ‘Explore and Discover – Habitats.’  Through this topic, we will be exploring and identifying plants and animals in a range of habitats, describing how a specific habitat provides for the basic needs as well as testing and building shelters for hedgehogs!

If the children wish to learn more about habitats at home:



  • Visit the library and look for books about habitats
  • Explore the park as a habitat. What animals can you find? What plants are growing here?
  • Go on a mini-beast hunt in the local area: look under stones, logs, around trees and around ponds.




The children have worked really hard and have had amazing term learning about place value, addition and subtraction!


In Term 2, children will learn to recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p).  They will begin to find different combinations of coins that equal the same amount of money as well as to solve simple problems involving addition and subtraction of money.  We will continue to use concrete, pictorial and abstract representations. The children will continue to explore the Bar Model when assisting them to solve addition and subtraction calculations. Please see the link below if you would like more information on the Bar Model.


To help your child at home please work with your child to help them to explore all the different ways they can make 100. Please hit the button below!

We will also begin to practice 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times table.  Practice makes perfect! Hit the link below!



We look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday 5th November, dressed up and ready for our exciting Reading Scheme Launch!

We will begin this term with a celebration of books! We will be marking the launch of our exciting and extensive reading scheme by dedicating a whole week to discovering new books and recommending great reads to our friends. We will begin the week in fancy dress and hopefully end the week with several new books on our reading list and a renewed love of reading.

The core of our work this term will be inspired by the book Storm Whale by Benji Davies. We will use this lovely picture book to adapt and innovate our stories. In doing so we will focus on using adventurous story vocabulary and ensuring that we write in the correct tense.

As the term nears and end we will finish our English work with poetry. We will be both writing and performing winter poems to help the children improve their ability to read their writing aloud with clear intonation.

If you would like to help your child at home then please ask them to write a letter to their teacher telling them about what they enjoying learning at school or what they did on the weekend. We will be displaying the letters on our letters wall in the classroom!


Our PE days will be:

Thursday Indoor: Gym

Wednesday Outdoor: Invasion Games


Please ensure that your child brings appropriate clothing for the activity and the weather!


PPA:  On Thursday afternoon, the class will be taught by Mr Germain (Computing) and Mrs H (Art).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me at the end of the school day or make an appointment to talk to me at another time.


Mr Jones