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Term 2

We are nearly ready for Term 2 and what a term it will be!


We will have a science focus this term around the subject of 'light'. To this end, we will be investigating how light travels and is reflected. We will use the amazing book 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' in English and see how light can be used in some very creative ways...


In maths, we will be moving on to look at movement and geometry so it will be chocks away with the protractors and rulers.


In art, we will see how the incredible Northern Lights are formed and have a go at painting some of the beautiful patterns that appear.

Friday 8th November 2019


We learnt how to use BODMAS in Maths and the correct order to use.


In Art, we practised blending colours to create a picture of the Northern Lights (aurora borealis).


For the launch of our new reading scheme, we all dressed up as either a character from a book or our favourite word.


In English, we invented our own fireworks based on 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'.

15th November


In Maths, we learnt how to simplify fractions and plot them on a number line.


In PE, we were doing netball and we learnt three different types of passes: chest pass, bounce pass and shoulder pass.


In English, we used figurative language (SHMOAP) to write firework poems.


In PSHE, we have been learning about sex education.


In Art, we've learnt how to make patterns and mix colours inspired by Northern Lights.

29th November


In English, we have been planning and writing a story about the firework maker's daughter.


In maths, we have been dividing fractions by integers.


In Spanish, we have learnt to words for different sports.


In PE, we were passing, defending and marking in netball.


In art, we have started to draw and paint the aurora borealis.






6th December 2019


We completed lots of practise papers this week!


On Thursday, we made decorations for the classroom.


We watched two Christmas performances: they were so good! The children's actions were lively and the singing was fantastic.


In Art, we've been finishing off our Northern Lights paintings.


In guided reading, we've been writing about different characters or selecting a book and reviewing it.


In D+T we've been designing and looking at how to make a periscope. 


In science, we conducted an experiment involving shining a light at clothing made of different materials and recording how reflective they were.

13th December


This week we were camouflaging and finishing off our periscopes. Using cardboard, masking tape and mirrors, we completed the science project. The intention is to use them to look over the school wall without being spotted by anyone on the other side.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had geography days, during which we learned about the coastlines. We discovered how coastal defences protect against coastal erosion, along with the cost of them.


Today, in maths, we've been learning about co-ordinates and how to plot them on a graph. After completing a series of questions, we played Battleships to reinforce our understanding of that idea.


In PE, we held a netball tournament. In order to improve, we took part in a number of passing and shooting drills. We even braved the weather when it started raining heavily.


Finally, in ICT we were building a Christmas sleigh out of Lego and cardboard, then powered them using iPads and Spheros.