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Term 2

Week 6

What amazing Christmas performances!

The children in Nursery did so well retelling the story of the Nativity! we are so proud of them all.

Thank you all for coming to watch too.We hope you enjoyed it.

Week 5 is where we have created a sky full of stars and a performance full of stars!  Remember to come to see us on Tuesday 10th December or Wednesday 11th December and find out what we have been preparing for you.  

We have started looking at different shapes around us and are learning circle, square, triangle and rectangle. 

Please access your Eexat code so that you can receive your child's photos and observations.  If you need help please ask us.


Mrs Moral will be leaving us at Christmas so if you would like to give me a small donation we can send her off with something nice!


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral 

Week 4 has been exploring the question "what glows in the dark?" and we discovered some surprising things!  Have a look at the photo of children holding pictures to see what we found out.  We based our learning on Eric Carle's story 'The Very Lonely Firefly' and created some beautiful art to express our ideas. 


Next week we are starting to think about a very important star!


Mrs Knights, Ms Loosley and Mrs Moral

Week 3 - we have been discovering the story of Rama and Sita and how Divali is celebrated.  We enjoyed acting as the 20-headed Monster King scaring each other and trying to help the monkeys make the sky bridge to rescue the Princess Sita.  We made clay divas and put candles in them to help everyone find their way home and we celebrated with hot chocolate and by tasting Naan bread - we all thought it was delicious. 


On Friday we celebrated Spotty Day and considered all the good things that we have in our lives - including Spotty Day Biscuits!


Next week we are exploring the story of The Lonely Firely by Eric Carle and are thinking about the question "what glows at night?"


Happy Weekend,  Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral 

Welcome back to Term 2 already!

This week we have started looking at a festival of light .... Bonfire Night and Fireworks.  We have created colourful pictures and art with different media and explored different moves and sounds of fireworks.  

Next week we are finding out about Divali, a Hindu festival of light.  CBeebies i player has some lovely films and information about this and the story that is celebrated.  


Forest School is now Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon.  Book Bags are all changed on Wednesdays.


Happy weekend,


Mrs Knights, Ms Loosley and Mrs Moral 

Hello ... here's a little look at what we are exploring this term.


Our theme is "Catch a Star".  We will be exploring different festivals of light and asking some questions:


what is a star?

what is the moon and can you catch it?

what glows at night?

which festivals use light?


We are also learning about Fire and Road Safety.


Our Core Value is Perseverance and we are celebrating our differences. 


Forest School will be Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon.


Christmas Performances are in the week beginning 6th December.