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Term 2

Christingle Service

Making Nativity Figures!

Design and Technology:


In DT the children talked about how best to design a house for the 3 Little Pigs that could withstand an earthquake - they had such wonderful ideas!


This week we have been learning even more about subtraction. The children have been using counters finding the difference between the numbers. It was very challenging but this didn't stop fabulous Hawthorn class doing some great work!

"It was very hard when we got to the end and did the challenge!" - Dusty

"It was tricky at first but I kept on trying again and again!" - Anya



"We were doing instructions this week you had to cut something and put it in the right place. So we are really good at ordering." - Edith

"The instructions were about how to make pirate hats, how to get ready for school and how to build a straw house." - Daisy

"We were learning the writing by doing the symbols and the actions." - Rivers


Friday Challenge:

This week the children made beautiful Christmas decorations for our classroom!

"We made snowflakes and paper chains." - Anya

"It was very enjoyable because I liked doing the snowflakes! And the paper chains!" - Dusty

Instructions for making a pirate hat

Friday Challenge


This week in Maths the children have begun working on subtraction! They have understood so well and enjoyed telling "First, then, now" Maths stories. The children even found new ways to use their part, part, whole models to find subtraction calculations.



This week the children have been writing some hefty tomes - rewriting the story of the 3 Little Pigs as the 3 Little Ducks! The Year 1 adults could not believe how much they wrote and how many brilliant ideas they had! Well done children.



The children have now finished all their Phase 3 sounds and will be starting to learn their Phase 4 consonant clusters next week. They have all been working so fantastically hard!

Ordering Historic Houses

Friday Challenge - Our paper Garland

Maths - 3D shape investigation


In maths this week we have been looking at addition - the children have been working hard using part, part whole models, counters and ten frames to find different ways to represent addition calculations! They also spent Friday exploring 3D shapes and were able to name everything from cuboids to prisms. They also learned about faces, edges and vertices!



This week the children have started their work on the 3 Little Pigs. They enjoyed listening to the story and thinking up their actions. The children even had a special visit from a certain unsavory character! They wrote lots of excellent questions to ask him.



The children have continued to work so hard in their whole-class phonics lessons and next week will have learnt all their phase 3 graphemes! They will be practicing applying these in our guided reading sessions with our wonderful new books.


Friday Challenge:

This Friday the children had a memory challenge! They practiced 'upgrading their software' by creating a story to remember a list of unrelated objects and people. We had some very inventive stories!


Anti-Bullying Week:

The children worked with Mrs Shreeves to create some excellent anti-bullying puzzle pieces saying what they would do if they saw someone being bullied. We also enjoyed seeing all the children's wild odd socks on Friday!!!

Children in Need:

The children also talked about why Children in Need is so important and how we celebrate it!


"Children in Need is important to help them if their mum's or dad's or someone they love has died." - Edith


"Everyone put money in the pots to raise it for other children" - Joey


"We saw Joe Wicks" - Zaf


"He was doing exercise all night long!" - Robyn

Friday Challenge - Measuring a table (but rulers are banned!)

Addition and Number Bonds

Tricky Words

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day:

This week the class: learnt all about why Remembrance Day is important, worked together to make a beautiful poppy wreath, listened to a lovely assembly from Reverend Kat and had a 2 minute silence to think of all those affected by war.


We talked about why we celebrate Remembrance Day:


"Because the people that were in the war they made us stay alive because they were in the war. If they didn't we wouldn't be alive right now." - Robyn


"Because you remember people who died" - Daisy


"Because they gave up their lives for us" - Dusty


We also talked about our hand prayer taught by Reverend Kat. "Our thumb is strong so we can remember strong soldiers, our pointing finger is people in other places, our tallest finger is the leaders, the ring finger is our families, your little finger is kids and the palm is us." - Robyn


"We made poppies to go on a wreath" - Arthur and Elliot



Our Friday challenge this week was to work on a special project. We are working with an organisation called 'The Marmalade Trust' who are making special advent calendars for people who are lonely. We have all designed and made a special calendar for 2021 for one of the days of the advent calendar.  We worked so hard and carefully and are really pleased with the results. 

In maths we have begun looking at the part, part whole model. We have done this with resources and even used ourselves to make life sized models.