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Term 2

Well we have made it to the last day!!! It's been an incredibly busy, fun packed term.


This week has been full of festivities like parties, Caroling, Father Christmas story telling and a special Father Christmas performance thanks to the Tobacco Factory and Mrs Nicholas.  We have had a great time.  


We wish you a restful break and a very merry Christmas.

Week 5


Another busy week for Hazel Class!


We have created our own animals and wrote a Non-Chronological report about them.  We put all our scientific and English skills to use!


In Maths we have been learning to add and subtract from a 2-digit number. We have learnt to exchange (borrow) from a ten if we don't have enough ones. We really enjoyed generating our own questions for a maths problem.  Here are some:



Sita counted 23 cars. She counts 5 more cars. How many cars has she counted now?

Today we generated our own word problems and then solved them.



Ben saw 5 children looking sad. He gave the five children 5 cars each. How many cars did Ben give?

Ben saw 38 cars. Sita saw 23.  Sita saw 12 more. How many did they see now?



Ben has seen 8 more cars and Sita has seen 5 more. Who has seen the most?


Ben has 10 more cars than Sita. How many cars does Ben have?

38 is more than 23 because 23 is less. Am I right?



In RE we have continued to learn about Muslims and their religion. This week we learnt about their special place, the mosque.  We found out the names of some the features on the outside of a mosque as well as some of their special items like a prayer mat, the Holy Qur'an, a Rehal and why water is important to them


In science we have continued to look at different habitat and the animals that live there.


Week 4


Today to have made some Christmas decoration for our Christmas tree. It will be in the 'Treefeast'. The decorations where messages of a free gift we can give to people, like a smile, wave and a high five. - Aria


We have also learnt today how to tie our shoe laces.  I found this really tricky but I persevered and in the end I got it!!- Suhaib


This week we thought about our special places and why they are special to us.  My special place is my Granny and Grampa's house.  It is special because it is always open, joyful and it makes me happy - Dottie


We have also been doing quite a few assessments.  Some of the questions were quite easy and some were really, really hard but I felt proud of myself for doing them. - Bella.


In PE, we were mirroring each other and we played a game of shadow walking. - Clio and Alana 

Shoe Laces

Week 3


This week is Anti-Bullying week and we have been learning all about bullying.  We have been particularly thinking about why a person might want to bully someone else.

'I think someone would be a bullying because they don't know how to ask someone to be their friend.' - Imani'Li

'I think a someone is a bully because they are sad and want to make other people sad.' - Yekshit

We created a class jigsaw to show how bully can be, but to also help us to understand that the bully might be struggling too.


For our writing this week, we have been learning about non-chronological reports.  We linked this with our topic on habitats and animals.  Here is a taste of some of our writing:



'Tigers are one of the worlds biggest cats in the world.  They live in the rainforest.' - Ahmed

'Tigers live in the rainforest.  Tigers are one of the most dangerous cats of all time' - Alandra

'Tigers have orange and black stripes.  They are powerful enormous, huge cats' - Leona



'Pandas like to eat bamboo and they are herbivores.' - Layla

'Pandas live in China in the rainforest and they are slow eaters.' - Alana



'Elephants are one of the biggest mammals in the world. They are unfortunately endangered.' -Angelo

'Elephants are herbivores because they eat plants. They are one of the biggest and tallest mammals in the world.' - Bella



'Sharks have sharp teeth and fins.' - Archie


In RE, we have continued to learn about what Muslims believe. This week we learnt about some of the stories Muhammad (pbuh) told to teach Muslims how to be.

'The story of the Tiny Ants, teaches Muslims to be kind to all animals, big or small.' - Mila

'The story of The Crying Camel, tells Muslims to look after all animals. We should treat them equally because they need food, water and shelter too.' - Clio


In Maths, we have begun adding and subtracting where we have to cross or bridge ten.  It is quite a tricky skill, so please help us to keep practising at home.



Week 2

Our book is The Storm Whale, this week we have been adapting the story to make it our own.  Here our some of our new titles:


'The Stranded Seahorse' - Aria

'The Stormy Night' - Maisie

'The Storm Fish' - Madison


We enjoy changing the story to make it our own because I like reading books and that makes me want to write my own story like an author. - Mila


In PE we did an obstacle course. We used agility ladders and hurdles.  We had to move up the ladders in lots of different ways to collect cones for our team.  If we stepped on any part of the ladder we had to start again! - Suhaib


In Science we have been learning about habitats - Clio

A habitat is way animals live - Jailan

A good habitat needs - food and water nearby - Ivy; a good habitat also needs materials to make a home - Mila.


In Maths we have started to learn how to add and subtract 2-digit numbers using our tens and ones to help us.


In RE we are learning about Islam and Muslims.

Muslims don't draw pictures  of God ( Allah) - Layla

Allah gave a holy book called the Quran to Muhammad - Ashaz

When they Muhammad's name they also say PBUH - Peace Be Upon Him - Dottie

Muhammad is their leader - Angelo

When a baby is born, they whisper in their ear: 'God is great. There is no God but God' - Mila

This is called 'Shahadah' - Suhaib


Welcome back to Term 2!!

We hope you have had a nice break and are ready for another fantastic term! This term the children will continue to develop new skills and understanding across the curriculum. 


We are already excited to get our second term started with our topic ‘Explore and Discover – Habitats.’  Through this topic, we will be exploring and identifying plants and animals in a range of habitats, describing how a specific habitat provides for the basic needs as well as testing and building shelters for hedgehogs!



The children have worked really hard and have had amazing term learning about place value.

In Term 2, children will learn to recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p).  They will begin to find different combinations of coins that equal the same amount of money as well as to solve simple problems involving addition and subtraction of money.  We will continue to use concrete, pictorial and abstract representations. The children will continue to explore the Bar Model when assisting them to solve addition and subtraction calculations. Please see the link below if you would like more information on the Bar Model.


To help your child at home please work with your child to help them to explore all the different ways they can make 100. Please hit the button below!

We will also begin to practice 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times table.  Practice makes perfect! Hit the link below!



The core of our work this term will be inspired by the book Storm Whale by Benji Davies. We will use this lovely picture book to adapt and innovate our stories. In doing so we will focus on using adventurous story vocabulary and ensuring that we write in the correct tense.


Our PE days will be:

Monday Outdoor : PM

Thursday Outdoor: PM


Please ensure that your child brings appropriate clothing (extra layer) for the activity and the weather!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me at the end of the school day or make an appointment to talk to me at another time.

Mr Jones and Mrs Slinn