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Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2!!

We hope you have had a nice break and are ready for another fantastic term! This term the children will continue to develop new skills and understanding across the curriculum. 


We are already excited to get our second term started with our topic ‘Explore and Discover – Habitats.’  Through this topic, we will be exploring and identifying plants and animals in a range of habitats, describing how a specific habitat provides for the basic needs as well as testing and building shelters for hedgehogs!



The children have worked really hard and have had amazing term learning about place value.

In Term 2, children will learn to recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p).  They will begin to find different combinations of coins that equal the same amount of money as well as to solve simple problems involving addition and subtraction of money.  We will continue to use concrete, pictorial and abstract representations. The children will continue to explore the Bar Model when assisting them to solve addition and subtraction calculations. Please see the link below if you would like more information on the Bar Model.


To help your child at home please work with your child to help them to explore all the different ways they can make 100. Please hit the button below!

We will also begin to practice 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times table.  Practice makes perfect! Hit the link below!



The core of our work this term will be inspired by the book Storm Whale by Benji Davies. We will use this lovely picture book to adapt and innovate our stories. In doing so we will focus on using adventurous story vocabulary and ensuring that we write in the correct tense.


Our PE days will be:

Monday Outdoor : PM

Thursday Outdoor: PM


Please ensure that your child brings appropriate clothing (extra layer) for the activity and the weather!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me at the end of the school day or make an appointment to talk to me at another time.

Miss Ali

Week beginning 09.11.2020


A very busy week of fabulous learning from all of 2 Whitebeam smiley




Well done 2Whitebeam for coming 2nd place ! +10 Marbles! Great job team :)



In English we have been writing our new version of ‘The Storm Whale’.  They are about different animals and habitats - Dilys


In Maths we have been learning adding and subtracting ten, using base ten resources and looking at how we can add and subtract using tens and Ones table. Ted S


In PE we have been playing games that use footballs. One of the games was Handball, which has teams of six! It was very exciting!


In Science, we looked at different types of habitat.  Can you tell your grown ups the difference between Urban and Woodland habitat? 


Have a lovely weekend!laugh


Week beginning: Monday 16th November 2020


Another fantastic learning from all of 2 Whitebeam!


Congratulations Whitebeam for coming 3rd on attendance.  +5 Marbles !!



This week in English we have been learning to write a non-chronological report.  We got very excited and  used our knowledge from science in our learning.  Ask the children facts about the animals they have been writing about.



In maths we have started to learn about bridging ten and exchanging.  We have used lots of concrete and pictorial representations including a barmodel, tens and ones table and even a numberline. 



In Art, we have used zentangles on our whale prints.  They were really fun !



In PSHE, we have been focussing on anti-bullying week.  United was our focus of learning. 


Have a lovely weekend.  Miss Ali laugh

Week 4

Week Beginning 23.11.2020


Lots of fabulous learning from all the children in 2 Whitebeam

yesyesCongratulations once again for coming 3rd on Attendance this week!  +5Marblesyesyes


What learning have we been doing this week?

In English, we have been learning the root word and suffixes of  –er and –est.  Can you explain the rule to your family? Can you include the suffixes below?

messy       big       tall


In Art we have finished completing our Storm Whales made out of paper plates!! We ended up painting the whales using water colours and are now on display.  They look awesome!  You will take them home at the end of this term.


Today was LIFESKILLS DAY! We learnt how to tie shoelaces.  Top tip: DON’T LET GO OF THE BUNNY EARS! Keep practising at home and remember perseverance! YOUV’E GOT THIS!laugh


In Science, we continued to look at different habitats.  We looked at adaptation of animals living in the desert. Next week, we will be looking at plants in the rainforest.


In geography, we created our own map symbols around our local area. 


As the weather is getting colder, remember to bring extra layers especially during our PE days.


Have a lovely relaxed weekend.smiley


Miss Ali

Week beginning Monday 30th November 2020


2 Whitebeam have been busy bees learning extremely hard with all their learning!

Well done Whitebeams!laughlaugh


In English, we have been looking at commas in a list and creating our own animals for a non-chronological report…. From a Foxhedge to a Dodo-Shark! yesThey were brilliant! Ask the children to tell you a fact (or two) about their own animals!



In maths, we have been working had to solve addition and subtraction questions using a number line and tens and ones table.  The children had the opportunity to be mini-teachers and created their own word problem questions!


In Science, we have been looking at habitats of plants. What plants will you find in woodland or the rainforest?   How does a cactus survive in the dry, hot desert?  



In RE, we have been looking at different objects and places.  What features does a mosque have? Extra challenge: what vocabulary did we learn?cool



Have a lovely weekend.  Wrap up warm !

Miss Ali


Week beginning 07.12.2020

Penultimate week, where has this term gone?

Another week of fab learning from all of 2 Whitebeam!


In English, we have been working hard on co-ordinating conjunctions.  We then read a non-fiction book and began reviewing the book.  We even applied our knowledge of co-ordinating conjunctions to our reviews!


In Maths, we have continued to use tens and ones column to add and subtract.  This week we have used many concrete resources to help us solve word problems.  Remember, practise makes perfect… hit the link below for number bonds to 100.


In Science, we had great fun in creating different habitats out of cardboard and tissue paper.  From a desert to an urban habitat… Can you guess what habitats they are?


Today, we have had a whole day in RE.  We have been busy making Christingles for our service.  Did you know the candle reminds Christians of Jesus, the light of the world? We also made stained glass windows and researching Christmas around the world – Year 2’s had Germany as their country.


Busy week! Hope you all have a restful weekend!

Miss Ali