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Term 2

WC 7.12.20


A fun-packed penultimate week of term. Advent day has been a great success! Thank you so much for bringing in the oranges for the Christingles. 

3 Larch wrote fantastic recount texts this week from the point of view of a pebble. We practised editing and revising a chosen paragraph before rewriting it on a flap of paper that was stuck over the top. This is a great way for the children to see how they have improved the quality of their original writing. 

In PE we developed our tag rugby and basketball skills. The children have been fascinated by fossils and have learnt a great deal from the two sessions we spent exploring fossil formation this week. Thanks for the examples and books that were brought in from home.

We are looking forward to our class Christmas party next week. Details to follow.

Music was popular this week with children getting their hands on tuned instruments for the first time!


Please check out the photos and videos below :0)

Have a great weekend


Mr H



WC 30.11.20


The build-up to Christmas has begun! We have made an advent wreath and started our class advent calendar. Our decorations have been hung on the school tree which is being entered into 'Treefest' at St Mary Redcliffe Church. This year the event is taking place online and you will be able to see photographs of our tree on the church website soon! (The children insisted that we used the garland for limbo before it went on the tree and insisted that I had a go too!)

Here is a brief outline of the things we have covered this week:

English - Using story maps to plan a recount of the journey of a pebble. We watched a video of the author Michael Rosen explaining how to map the beginning, middle and end of a recount and which key features to include.

Maths - we have been persevering with column addition and subtraction. It's tricky to begin with, but definitely worth the effort!

Science - we found out all about soil profiles and how soil is formed by the weathering of rock

Art - abstract drawings of fossils using charcoal and chalk

Music - more exciting work on pitch and rhythm....I'm really impressed with the progress the children are making with Mrs Stevens. It is really hard to stick to one rhythm when other people nearby are playing a different rhythm!

PSHE - We are continuing to discuss bullying this term and we have explored this through roleplay scenarios too!


Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday. We have an advent day next Friday to look forward too. Remember to bring your orange for Christingle. More information will follow in the newsletter.


Mr H

This week's music session

Still image for this video

WC 23.11.20


A very busy week in Year 3! 

In Maths this week we learnt how to use the column method of addition...its really tricky lining up those columns and remembering to use a ruler for the equals sign! In English we wrote some really creative setting descriptions using adjectives, verbs, adverbs, similes and prepositions of place!

In Science we wrote letters to the character 'Rocky' a rock monster whose roof has collapsed. We used our properties of rock knowledge from last week's investigation to explain which rock would be the best material for his new roof.

During today's Life Skills session we learnt about internet safety and explored our learning through roleplaying various different scenarios. We also designed posters to teach others about how to surf the net safely. In our music lesson we practised playing multiple rhythms at the same time using drums and other percussive instruments. In PE, we continued to develop our basketball and tag rugby skills.

Our Friday Challenge this week was to make garland decorations for the Christmas tree that the school will be entering in this year's online Treefest. We made lanterns with pictures and words that relate to gifts that cost nothing such as kindness or a smile :0)


Have a lovely weekend 


Mr Hewett

Week commencing 16.11.20

Another fun packed week with loads of learning about rocks and volcanoes. My favourite part of this week was exploring the permeability of rocks! Here are some of things the children remembered from their learning.

"In our topic books  we wrote a non-chronological report about volcanoes using conjunctions for cause"

"In PE we used rugby balls, throwing to each other over another person who was trying to block the ball."

"In computing we used debugging to recode a computer game where you had to collect diamonds."

"In Science we have been putting different types of rock into water and testing if they have bubbles...if they had bubbles they were permeable, the ones without bubbles were impermeable."

"In art we've been using four different techniques which are cross-hatching, hatching, stippling and scumbling."


Please check out the photos below

Have a lovely weekend everyone


Mr Hewett


Another great week of learning in Larch class.

In Science we have been learning about different rock types and their properties. We went on a walk around the school to see what type of rocks the school was made from. Did you know our school building is made from Pennant Sandstone?

We also used Starburst sweets to show how Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic rocks are formed.  


In Geography this week we have been learning about the 3 different types of Volcano and their states. We now know that a volcano can be active, dormant or extinct.


In PE we have been developing our basketball skills.


As part of Remembrance Day we joined Rev Kat for an online assembly and we made our own class wreaths (see photos). We really enjoyed learning about the different coloured poppies and what they symbolise.  


In English this week we made time lines to order the key events in our class text, ‘The Pebble in My Pocket.’


Have a great weekend everyone


Mr H 

WC 2.11.20


Welcome back everyone. We've made a fantastic start to Term 2. Here is what the children have to say about their learning this week:

"In our topic work we've been learning about volcanoes."

"When molten rock is under the ground its called magma, but when a volcano erupts its called lava."

"When the lava drips down an underwater volcano it grows taller and creates an island".

"In PE we learnt about Tag Rugby."

"In RE today we were making up our own ideas for a celebration day."

"In English we wrote a diary for a pebble!"

"We made shape poems and acrostic poems."

"In computing we pretended that one of us was a robot and the other person had to program them to stack cups by recording instructions on a whiteboard."


Have a great weekend


Mr Hewett