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Term 2



Merry Christmas all! This week we have been very busy! We designed and made periscopes in Science and DT, we watched and reviewed the performance of Father Christmas from the Tobacco Factory online. We created Christmas cards and wrapping paper using potato block printing and our maths knowledge of translation and reflection and we had our wonderful Christmas dinner and service!


Happy holidays all! See you in the New Year. We hope everyone has a relaxing and restful break.



This week, we learnt about the four quadrants in maths and wrote our own endings to the Firework Maker's Daughter in English. On Friday it was Advent day and we adapted O Come All Ye Faithful into a rap and created our own verses. Some of us used the boom whackers to recreate O Come all Ye Faithful. In the afternoon, we made our own Christingles and enjoyed a service outside.


In English this week we have edited and published our Firework Maker's Daughter stories. They look great! In Maths we are revising fractions and exploring equivalent fractions. We have been playing basketball and dodgeball with teachers from Bristol Sport during PE.


Science with Mr. Germain this week was really fun! We built lighthouses with Lego, motors, lamps and mirrors. The lighthouses were programmed using an app called Samlabs.


We also have had two geography days were we have learned about coastlines, erosion and sea defences. We made our own mini beaches with trays, sand and water and we simulated destructive waves. We then built settlements on our beaches using Lego, and thought about what defences we could design to protect these.





This week in English we have been writing alternative endings to The Firework Maker's Daughter. We have been choreographing group dances in PE, dancing to High High Hopes. We had a dance-off with 6 Elder; Elder won the first round while Sycamore won the second. In RE we have been learning about forgiveness; Christians view forgiveness an an aspect of God's love. 


On Friday, the whole school had a life skills day. In year 6 we were learning about budgeting. We thought about careers, salaries and what our money might be spent on.


Finally, to end the week off, we made beautiful paper decorations for our Christmas tree as part of Treefest.




This week we wrote our own descriptive settings of a jungle scene that we painted. In maths, we learnt about common factors and the highest common factor (HCF). We received the library lucky dip this week so got an extra exciting book to take home! For anti-bullying week we learnt about the story of a bully and how they felt. We gave them advice and know what to do if we feel like we are being bullied. Finally, we had a dance off against 6 Elder. We await the results...



This week, we wrote a non-chronological report all about light. We also learnt about the Shang Dynasty and the social hierarchy. In maths, we've been learning long and short division which has been challenging! In PE we did a hockey tournament and played basketball. We also kicked off Children in Need by joining in with Joe Wicks on his 24hr PE challenge. We started reading the Firework Maker's Daughter, our new English book.



This week, we have had two science days where we have been learning about how light travels and we conducted an experiment on shadows. In PE we played shadow tag and some people his in the shade of the wall to avoid being tagged! In Maths, we have been practising the formal method of multiplication and in English we wrote firework poems. Our topic is light and we got to light sparklers on Tuesday; they were dazzling!