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Term 2 - Habitats

Week ending 13th December


"Last week we made habitats for our egg pets out of natural materials we found. This week we were focusing on classification and classifying objects we found and animals." Emily and Oscar


"On Monday we saw the impact that humans and environment had on our egg habitats. I flooded it and not much survived!" Sajid.


"In English we wrote an explanation text about How to survive on a desert island. It's important to remember the Rule of 3 - Don't do anything for 3 seconds, you have 3 hours to make a shelter, you can survive without water for 3 days and you can survive without food for 3 weeks." Daniel


Human and environmental impact on our egg habitats

Week ending 29th November 


'On Thursday we collected our water guages from the Year 6 block and the reflection garden to see how much water we collected in the areas. We discovered that there is more water in the Year 6 block because there is more open space and less trees to block the water from landing on the ground.' Gaya


'On Tuesday a man came in with his African drums and taught us a dance from Ghana called Patcha. We then moved to the beat following his instructions.' Beth


'This morning we face-timed our penpals from Child of Hope school in Uganda. We asked them some questions about their lives and responded to questions they asked us.' Keelie and Norah



Week ending 15th November 


"This week we went to our first forest school in the park. We completed a few challenges including making a person using things around us." Daniel


"On Thursday and Friday we completed our Peer mediation training. We learnt the 5 steps of being a peer mediator and practised the skills we needed to help people." Keelie





Week ending 8th November


"I learnt that God can be described in many different shapes and forms. If God was a building I think he would be a skyscraper because he could look over everybody." Lansana


"I learnt how to work out my 29 times tables in maths. I used this to help me calculate and recall my 8 times tables, looking for doubles and halves." Iolo


"We predicted what would happen in our new class book Kensuke's Kingdom by Micheal Morpugo using the images from the front cover." Keelie



We hope you had a nice break and are ready to learn about living things and their habitats. Through this topic, we will be exploring and classifying creatures, to further understand their appearance and how they have adapted over time to suit their habitats.

If the children wish to learn more about living things and their habitats at home, they may wish to create a model with description, a non-chronological report about their favourite living thing or an art project displaying the layers and complexity of their chosen living thing.


PE will remain on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with our focus now on Tag-rugby and Forest School. Please ensure children have the correct PE kit AND bring in wellington boots and waterproof clothes in preparation for the amazing outdoor learning we will be doing this term.