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Term 2- Maritime Bristol

Mid Term Update (21.11.17)


"We have been using our knowledge of multiplication to solve question." (Ethan)

"We have read the height in books of Mr Fry (5ft 10inches). Our new challenge to read the height Mr Calvert (6ft 5inches)." (Paige)

"We have been learning our new Talk for Writing story - Dobber and the Silver Ring." (Eda)

"Recently, we went on a trip to the Harbourside. We explored the MShed and we even went on a boat trip around the docks." (Lola)

"In English, we've just innovated our talk for writing story to form new tales." (Hussien) 

Dobber and the Silver Ring - T4W

Welcome back to term 2! 


This term is all about the historical roots of Bristol and how our harbour was used for importing and exporting goods. We will also be investigating the current uses of the harbour and how it compares to the past. 


Please find the relevant documents that will tell you our curriculum overview and our things you need to know letter that outlines the focus of the term. 


During the last week of the term will be performing our Christmas play called 'Hoodwinked'. This is an adaptation of the famous panto story 'Robin Hood'. A letter will be sent out shortly asking for help with materials and props for the performance. 


Home Learning


As well as the weekly spellings and times tables we'd also like the children to practise their writing skills by keeping a simple diary over the weekend. This can be used write down their thoughts or what they have been up to during the weekend. 


Perhaps the children could also create an information page or poster about their thoughts of the harbourside in Bristol. They could present information about what it is used for now (Eg. Leisure activities, eating, socialising, festivals). 


Furthermore, this website - - provides an excellent opportunity for the children explore historical maps of Bristol. It may require some help navigating with an adult but the differences in map types is exciting to see. 


Thank you for your help and support. 


5KF Apple