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Term 2 - School of Rocks

We have had a fantastic week learning all about volcanoes. The children have remembered these things about their learning from this week.


"We have made volcanoes from cardboard and newspaper (papier mache)" - See photos in post below

"We either made a non-chronological report or an information poster about the impact of volcanoes."

"We  know three types of volcano - composite, dome and shield."

"We learnt about the different states of volcano...they can be dormant, active or extinct!"


Ask your children what they can remember about volcanoes!

Have a lovely weekend


Mr Hewett and Mrs Clarke



WC 2.12.19

Learning in 3 Larch this week:

"We made maps to help us plan the journey of a pebble and we wrote a story from a pebble's point of view."

"We learnt how soil was formed."

"Everyone in the class has been learning how to spell tricky words like busy and business".

"We learnt about the different layers of soil".


In addition to this we recorded our first rhythm composition using musical notation. The children worked in small groups using and understanding crotchets and crotchet rests!

In maths we have been learning about sharing and grouping objects and the inverse relationship between the times and divide symbols.


Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to come to the Winter Fair

WC 25.11.19


I asked the children how much they could remember from our learning this week. We have done a lot and Monday seems like a long time ago!

Here's what they said:

"We made fossils out of playdough". (We know how fossils are formed and have learnt about trace fossils, mould fossils and cast fossils)

"In maths we have been estimating!"

"We've been learning to revise our written work (up until now we had been mainly editing, rather than revising".

In music we created our own compositions using crotchets and quavers and we practised clapping and playing each others rhythms on different instruments.

In PE we played hockey and netball!





School of Rocks is proving to be a really popular topic with the children! In our science lessons we have explored the permeability of different types of rock. I literacy we have been learning about conjunctions for cause (so, because, which means, as a result, therefore) to support our writing during science lessons. In maths we have been looking at 3 digit column addition and subtraction using practical resources to help us visualise what happens when we bridge the tens / hundreds. In spelling we have been learning more about the 'ly' suffix and 'ture' vs 'sure' word endings....e.g. picture, measure

In music we practised finding the strong beat of the bar and clapping different rhythms.

We also had a visit from Marvin the Mayor!


See you all next week


Mr Hewett and Mrs Clarke

Please see below some of our learning earlier this week with photos. Here is what the children had to say about their learning this week:

"We have learnt about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks and how they are formed"

"We made timelines using all the pictures from the pebble in my pocket."

"We also learnt about musical notes and how the different notes have different lengths. One of them was called a crotchet, one of them was called a quaver and the last one was called a rest"

"In spelling this week we have been learning about 'ly' suffixes"


Have a great weekend


Mr Hewett

Here are some photos from our recent topic work. After reading the story of 'The pebble in my pocket', we have been exploring a lot of geological vocabulary. We also ordered events from the story along a timeline from 480 million years ago until today. We have looked at the three main types of rock...Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic and their properties and uses. We went on a rock hunt around our school and found traces of fossils in some of the sedimentary rocks...we will be learning more about these later.



We have had a fantastic first week of Term 2 introducing our new topic 'The School of Rocks'.

Here's what the children had to say about their learning this week:

"We have done shape and acrostic poems about rocks, mountains, volcanoes, ammonites and pebbles."

"We have been writing diary entries as if we were pebbles."

"My favourite thing this week was drawing on pebbles with felt-tip pens, we drew characters and settings."

"My favourite thing was drawing our volcanoes and I liked it when I used neat handwriting for my poem."

"I really enjoyed getting the new Oxford Reading Tree books" (The children in Larch will receive their log-in for the online Oxford Reading Buddies next week).

"I liked writing positive things about myself and writing about what we wanted to be when we get older."

"In music we learnt about notes, rhythms and beats."


Have a great weekend


Mr Hewett


Hello and welcome to Term 2!


Our topic this term is a scientific theme based around rocks and fossils. We have called it 'The School of Rocks!'. 


During the term, we will be exploring the different types of rock and how they are formed through time. We will also be investigating volcanoes and the dangers surrounding volcanic eruptions. Furthermore, we will be learning about fossils and how they are made. 


This is an exciting term as it will be the kick off of our brand new reading scheme from the Oxford Reading Tree. Make sure you make a fantastic start by getting stuck into your new books. We can't wait!


In writing we will focusing on writing a journey story as well as writing explanation texts about our scientific understanding. 


In maths we will be continuing our focus on addition and subtraction. Mid way through the term will be learning about multiplication and division. Children - keep learning your times tables, they are super important. Check out the times tables games in our maths folder. Let us know about your progress. 


As you may be aware, our swimming pool at Bristol South is closed for between 4-6 weeks due to repair work. Therefore we will be doing indoor PE instead. We hope to return to the swimming pool towards the end of Term 2. 


Like Term 1, Year 3 will be having their PPA during Wednesday afternoon. Both classes will be taught by Mr Germain and Mrs H.


PE kits: White T-shirt, Black shorts/ leggings, black trainers. Please make sure that kits remain in school at all times. They can be taken home at the end of each term to wash.


We are looking forward to an exciting new term!

Mr Hewett and Mrs Clarke