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Term 2 - The School of Rocks!


Volcanoes! 1
Volcanoes! 2
Volcanoes! 3
Volcanoes! 4
Volcanoes! 5
Volcanoes! 6
Volcanoes! 7
Volcanoes! 8
Volcanoes! 9
Volcanoes! 10
Volcanoes! 11
Volcanoes! 12
Volcanoes! 13
Volcanoes! 14
Volcanoes! 15


  • Today in topic we made volcanoes out of paper, card and plastic recycled bottles. 
  • In maths we were learning how to multiple and divide by 4 and 8.
  • In english we were writing our recounts as though we were a pebble on a journey,  we spent time editing and revising and then we published them. 
  • In art we made Christmas tree cards for our familes and friends. 
  • In PE we learnt how to do teddy bear rolls and we climbed using the equipment. 
  • In topic we looked how volcanoes are formed and did an experiment to see what happens when they erupt. 



"In science we have been explaining how soil is formed. Did you know soil take 500 years to be formed." (Alex)


"In spelling we wrote with our opposite hand to think more carefully about how to spell tricky words." (Iniyah)


"In English we have been writing a recount. We have written in the first person." (Mohamed)


"In maths, we have been learning how to divide and multiply by 3 and 4." (Salwa)



Our learning this week:

  • In spelling this week we have been learning words with the endings  ture and sure. 
  • In Maths we have been looking at estimating and today we have started learning about multiplication and how groups have to be equal.
  • In English this week we have been writing our own chapter for the story The Pebble In My Pocket and learning how to revise and improve our work.
  • In PE this week we have been outside as we couldn't use the hall, we have been learning how push pass in hockey and how to chest pass in netball.
  • In Science we made trace fossils out of playdough and we learnt about how fossils are formed. 
  • In ICT we were learning how debug, we had to find the mistakes in the code and correct them.
  • In RE we were learning about the true meaning of Christmas. 
  • In music we were learning about rhymths, we used cups to represent crochets and when you put the cup down it was a rest. 
  • Our spellings to learn for the week are busy, business, guide, history, certain and certainly.
  • Have a lovely weekend, keep reading and we will see you on Monday!

Monday 25th November 2019


During science, we used homemade Playdough (thanks to Mr Hewett) to make dinosaur trace fossils. We then worked in partners to guess which dinosaur each footprint belonged to. We were then able to infer what type of dinosaur it is (Eg. How big it is, what it ate, how it moved). 

Trace Fossils

Trace Fossils 1
Trace Fossils 2
Trace Fossils 3
Trace Fossils 4
Trace Fossils 5
Trace Fossils 6
Trace Fossils 7
Trace Fossils 8
Trace Fossils 9
Trace Fossils 10
Trace Fossils 11
Trace Fossils 12
Trace Fossils 13
Trace Fossils 14
Trace Fossils 15
Trace Fossils 16
Trace Fossils 17
Trace Fossils 18
Trace Fossils 19
Trace Fossils 20
Trace Fossils 21
Trace Fossils 22
Trace Fossils 23

Friday 22nd November 2019


"This week in topic, we have been learning about the different types of rock and we conducted an experiment to test which materials are impermeable and permeable." (Amel)


"This week in writing we have started to plan a new chapter for our text 'The Pebble in My Pocket." (Caolan)


"In guided reading we have been mainly focusing on poetry. We worked in teams to perform poems using different tones of voice." (Annie)


"In maths we have been learning to take a 3 digit number away from a 3 digit number. We have started to exchange from the tens column to the ones column." (Salwa)


"Today we have been making our own learning pits. Some created cakes and others created mountains, games, pyramids and doughnuts." (James S)


"Today the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, came to visit our school and some children asked him questions.....including myself!" (Ophelia)

Friday 15th November

  • In maths we have solving maths problem using column addition and subtraction. We have learnt that you cannot swap numbers around if you are subtracting but you can if you are adding.
  • In topic we have learnt about 3 different types of rocks called igneous, sedimentary and metaphoric. We used star burst sweets to learn about the different types of rock. We went for a rock hunt around the school to identify what and where we found them.
  • In guided reading this week we have been learning about different poems and talking about what we liked.
  • In English this week we have started a new book called ‘ The Pebble in My Pocket.’ We have been looking at the order of the story and focusing on new vocabulary from the story. We have been using actions, songs and pictures to help us remember the new vocabulary.
  • In RE this week we were learning about celebrations in different religions.
  • In Computing we were learning how to programme a robot.
  • In art we have been learning about different tones.
  • In music this week we learnt about crochets and quavers. We played some games such as throwing the ball on the strong beat and clapping/stamping rhythms following then notes.
  • In PSHE we were talking about how we are all different and talked about how compliments make us feel. We wrote compliments to each other.
  • In spelling we have been practising key words and continued learning about the suffix –ly.
  • We have been a bit unlucky with the weather this week so have done some yoga  and workout  exercises in the classroom.

Friday 8th November 2019


"This week we wrote a diary entry about what it was like to be a rock and how people were being mean to us." (Matilda) 


"During our topic this term we are learning about rocks, minerals and fossils." (Alex)


"This week we have been learning about the different types of musical note - this includes a beat." (Iniyah)


"In writing, we have been writing poetry about rocks, pebbles, fossils and volcanoes." (Caolan)

Hello and welcome to Term 2!


Our topic this term is a scientific theme based around rocks and fossils. We have called it 'The School of Rocks!'. 


During the term, we will be exploring the different types of rock and how they are formed through time. We will also be investigating volcanoes and the dangers surrounding volcanic eruptions. Furthermore, we will be learning about fossils and how they are made. 


This is an exciting term as it will be the kick off of our brand new reading scheme from the Oxford Reading Tree. Make sure you make a fantastic start by getting stuck into your new books. We can't wait!


In writing we will focusing on writing a journey story as well as writing explanation texts about our scientific understanding. 


In maths we will be continuing our focus on addition and subtraction. Mid way through the term will be learning about multiplication and division. Children - keep learning your times tables, they are super important. Check out the times tables games in our maths folder. Let us know about your progress. 


As you may be aware, our swimming pool at Bristol South is closed for between 4-6 weeks due to repair work. Therefore we will be doing indoor PE instead. We hope to return to the swimming pool towards the end of Term 2. 


Like Term 1, Year 3 will be having their PPA during Wednesday afternoon. Both classes will be taught by Mr Germain and Mrs H. Mr Fry and Miss Dudding will continue to alternate teaching days and will be covered by Mr Germain after break time on Wednesday. 


PE kits: White T-shirt, Black shorts/ leggings, black trainers. Please make sure kits are in school at all times. We will send them home to be washed at the end of each term.


We are looking forward to an exciting new term of learning!


Miss Dudding and Mr Fry