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Term 3

Term 3: week 1


Welcome back Nursery.

Happy New Year!


This week we have had a look at a lovely book: Sneezy the snowman


We have been exploring the snow (shaving foam) and hidden artic animals.

Children have made transient art, using different objects as wool, wood, shells, stones, thread, pompoms etc... to make the snowman faces. They were really creative and some took the idea to the writing table and decided to draw their own.


We have been enjoying the outdoors space and exploring the white playdough and the blue water.


Have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team 

term 3: Week 2 


This week we have been learning about babies.

Children have brought photos of them when they were babies and we have been comparing photos and talking about what did we used to do and how we communicated when we were babies.


We have had a baby clinic set inside the role play area and children have really loved looking after babies, changing their nappies, giving babies a bath, carrying them in the sling and pushing them in their pushchairs.

They have cuddle and feed babies too.


Children have had a chance to look at some photos of Mrs Moral from her birth day to now and they have observed the changes that a person have through the years.

Many children were surprised to know that we all have been babies once! I know mind blowing for them! smiley


We have been organising people by age and organising things by size and did a lovely collage of a baby sleeping on a bed and kids used lots of resources to make a colorful baby blanket.


Children are really lucky as the Wollacott family have donated a slide for our outdoors area son we as you can imagine, they are loving it! 


Hope you enjoy the photos

Have a nice weekend

The Nursery Team

week 3:


This week children have been learning about the past and the present using our baby photos to compare.

We have made a display with our baby photos and children have enjoyed guessing who is who.

We have a baby clinic were kids have loved looking after the babies: feeding them, walking them, getting them to sleep, making bottles... they have really embraced the role of a parent smiley.

They have made a book about their life drawing a picture of them in the past and in the present.

We have a nice topic story: Titch


You will see around a few new faces as we have 4 new friends in  Nursery. Our new friends are settling very well and they are enjoying the room and all the lovely learning areas.


Please, Could you check for your Tapestry email if you haven't done it yet and accept the invitation so you can have a look at your kids learning observations online.



The Nursery Team 

week 3

This week we have been celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Above the link to a calm song that we have been playing in the class.


The story we have had this week is the Great Race


This year is the year of the Tiger and we have been painting tigers using black and orange paint and paintbrushes.

We have made red envelopes and placing coins inside for good luck and children have practiced the Chinese number writing.

We have practiced with chopsticks and tried some noodles too with a lovely veggie sauce made by Mrs Mengoud. 


Children have work as a team making a dragon out of boxes and cardboard, decorating it with gold glitters and red paint. We have dance the Chinese dragon dance to the rhythm of the drums. (Have a look at the video) we have even performed it to Reception Class.


It has been a fun week and children have enjoyed getting involve into the celebration.

Have a nice weekend

The Nursery Team 



Chinese New Year- Dragon dance

Still image for this video
This week we have made a dragon and we used a red piece of fabric to transform it into a long tailed dragon to perform the Chinese Dragon dance.

Week 5

This week we have been learning about dinosaurs.

Ms Loosley's cat found 2 giant eggs in her garden and she brought them to school to see if we could look after them and wait to see them hatch.

We felt them move and we could even hear them making noises inside the egg, on Tuesday we could see an eye poking through.

By Wednesday we had Mr T-Rex Mirrex in the class, a lovely baby dino, we had to keep doors and windows closed as we didn't want him to escape.

The Kkds were really good at making drawings for him, giving him meat (as we learnt they are carnivorous or meat eaters) and offering water too.

The children have been really busy learning dino songs, making dinosaurs out of paper plates and toilet rolls, decorating paper eggs and asking themselves what is inside the egg? They have been practising their scissors skills too cutting the outline of an e

We have even had another egg hatching today! Welcome Mrs Greeny the T-Rex!.

We are loving the dinosaur theme!


We had an an amazing week learning!


Have a nice Weekend.

The Nursery Team 

Week 6.

This week Nursery has been busy looking for escaping dinosaurs.

TRex-MiRex and Greeny have run away from Nursery and ate all the burgers from the Kitchen! Monday children had to eat pizza for lunch as all the burgers were gone!


Children have been really engaged making "Wanted posters" and notes for the dinosaurs to come back with us.

We decorated a gigantic T-Rex with paint and tissue paper and we have  displayed on a Nursery wall so we could guide them back.

We have been learning about shapes and using circles, squares and rectangles to make the outline of a dinosaurs.

We use paper plates and triangles as teeth to make the mouth of a dinosaur as on Thursday a Dentist came to visit the school and talked to us about how to keep our teeth clean drinking water and milk, avoiding sugary drinks and brushing our teeth twice a day.


On Friday we were very busy making St Valentine's cards and rescuing dinosaurs from a very tangled dinosaur jail.


Here the link to a nice shape song we sing in the class.


Have a nice weekend

The Nursery Team