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Term 3

Term 3 

This term our enquiry question is What is the past?'

We are going to think about ourselves and our past. We will look at babies and think about how much we have learnt to do. We will make timelines of our life so far and think about what we might want to do in the future. 

This term we will also be learning about dinosaurs and how they were alive millions and millions of years ago. Watch out for our enormous timelines in our classrooms. 


Week 1

This week we have enjoyed seeing children after the Christmas holidays. We revised all the sounds the children have learnt so far and were very impressed with all the sounds they had remembered. Next week we will be starting phase 3, the children are  very excited. 

In maths we are starting to think about numbers 6, 7 and 8. We looked back at the number 5 and thought about which 2 numbers add together to create 5. We are really impressed with what they have remembered about the composition of numbers. 

We introduced our enquiry question by introducing the children to some old items such as a typewriter, an old phone and a record player. The children were fascinated by the old items and loved listening to music on the typewriter. 

We are really looking forward to starting Forest School next week. 


Week 2 

This week we have started learning phase 3 sounds. The children learnt j, v, w and x. They spent time thinking about words that have these sounds in them and then writing some words. 

In maths we looked at number 6 and read Six Dinner Sid. We though that was very greedy of Sid to eat 6 dinners and thought he must be very full each day. 

Look around your house to see if there are any number 6s and maybe some 7s and 8s ready for next week. 

We looked at a non fiction book called now and then. The book was about a little girl who had learnt to do lots of things. We then thought about what we have learnt to do since we were babies and created our own now and then books. 

We had an amazing time at Forest School and can't wait to go again next week. 


Week 3 

This week we continued learning phase 3 sounds and learnt y, z, zz and qu. We thought qu was very tricky and were very pleased that Quinn is in Reception to help us learn it. 

In maths we thought about more and less and found one more and one less than given numbers. We are really good at finding one more but find one less a little tricky so we are going to carry on practising this. We also thought about numbers 7 and 8 and what they look like on a tens frame. 

We were so lucky that Ms Brown Jackson came to school to show us her baby. We thought about how much we have changed since we were a baby and how much we have learnt to do. The children made there own timelines and then thought about what they wanted to do in the future. Look out Bristol as there are going to be lots of doctors, nurses, fire fighters and police officers soon as well as a few mermaids and  unicorns


Week 4

What an exciting week, we found a next with some eggs in it in our sand pit! What could be in the eggs. The children have been guessing what might be in the eggs. We think it is either a dinosaur, a crocodile or a very big bird. We are keeping the eggs safe in Mrs Stacey's and Mr Fry's office and are hoping they will hatch soon. 

In phonics we have learnt sh, ch, th and ng. These are really tricky digraphs which the children have learnt means 2 graphemes (letters) together making one new phoneme (sound). 

In maths we thought about 6, 7, and 8 again and how we can place these numbers on a tens frame. We thought about putting groups of objects into pairs which we found can be quite tricky.