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Term 3

History Day -Tudors


I like the Tudor sports because it was quite different from the sports we played today. Nine Mens Morris was difficult to play. Leona


We played Nine Mens Morris, chasing the hoop, football and quoits. Did you know that if you tried to beat Henry V111 you might get executed! Isabella R and Dilys.


I liked history day because I liked throwing the quoits onto the cones. Aria and I did it once! Dottie.


Did you know in Tudor times a football was made out of pigs bladder and stuffed with human hair. Bella and Ted.


This week we also had Science day and we did a test about light using torches. In a group using a mirror and torch we tried to reflect the light beam and send our partner a signal. Minna.


I really liked it when everyone dressed up in their costumes and we played games. Isabella G.


I liked everyone's outfits they were amazing. Myra.

My favourite game was chasing the hoop. Effie. 


Year 3 team.


Year 3 trip

Harvington Hall


We had a tour of the whole Tudor house. Angelo


We looked at musical instruments like the flute, violin, hurdy gurdy and a recorder. Then we learnt a Tudor dance that we danced to the music. Isabella Rice


We also saw the priests hides. There was one under the stairs, one under the floor, up the chimney and behind a timber beam that was like a see-saw. We hid inside some of them. We were very quite and we felt worried, scared and claustrophobic. Luckily, Miss Stone let us out!! Anaya.


When we were in the priest hide it actually felt like we were being hunted down by the soldiers. Bella.


In the kitchen we learnt about jobs, dressed up in Tudor clothes and learnt about rich and poor people used to eat. Mercy.


We looked at many different artefacts such as flint and steel, swords, medicines, an axe, doctors mask, daggers, a baby walker and an arrows head. These artefacts told us about the different jobs people did in Tudor times. Ta'shiyah.


Did you know?

Did you know the doctors would use leeches to suck out patients bad blood.

Did you know doctors would look at, taste and smell people's wee to see if they were sick. If they could not tell what was wrong then they would go home and die! Emilia. 



Bristol Sport came to visit us this week. They put us through our paces as we took part in many sporting challenges.

We tried hard to achieve our PB's. Personal best times. These were the activities.

1. Balance on a figure of 8.

2. Sprint

3. Speed bounce

4.Standing long jump

5. target throw.


Check out our photos!


In English we have been writing character descriptions from Mid Summer Nights Dream. Puck is our favourite character because he is so naughty!



We have been learning our multiplication tables. Our x2, x3 ,x5 and 10's and the corresponding divisions.


Guided Reading

We have been learning about the Tudors and reading lots of non-fiction. It has been fun.


3 Juniper



Yoga and Bristol Sport

Hockey PE 21.1.22



In PE we played hockey and a few of us were actually good at it! We did a few warm ups and used hockey sticks and tennis balls. Mercy


We learnt how to dribble with a hockey stick and most of us scored a goal. We also learnt how to control the ball with our hockey sticks. Emilia


Here are 3 Junipers top tips for hockey.

1. When dribbling keep the ball close to you. Isabella R

2. Safety tip- Swing your hockey stick no higher than your waist. Ted

3. To control the ball keep 2 hands on the hockey stick. Ta'shiyah.


In English we have been reading Midsummer Nights Dream. We wrote a letter from the point of view of Hermia and we were explaining why we did not want to marry Demetrius. Dilys


WC 3.1.21


Happy New Year everyone!

We hope you've had a relaxing break and we are looking forward to the term ahead. PE will continue to take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (please send your child into school wearing their PE kits on these days as they were doing last term).

Our class topic this term is all about Tudors with a focus on comparing the lives of rich and poor people during this period of history. Our class text for English is William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.  Here is a short animated version of the play if you are interested....we have played this to the children once already and it has really helped with the understanding of the story.

Our science topic this term will be all about light and shadows and in RE we will be learning more about Hinduism and the concept of re-incarnation.


Have a wonderful weekend


Miss Stone and the Y3 Team