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Term 3

Week 6- 7.2.22-11.2.22


This week we have had our second Life Skills Day of the year! This time we learnt domestic life skills such as folding clothes, washing up, wrapping a present and even making the perfect cup of tea!!!

Parents, hopefully you can put your feet up and have a cup of tea brought to you now!

Week 4 wb. 24.1.22


Year 4 have been learning all about the human digestive system in Science lessons this past week.


Firstly, we made stop-motion animations to show the journey of some food through the human body. PLease scan the QR codes to watch some examples:


We then got really messy and conducted an experiment to demonstrate how the small intestines remove nutrients from the food we eat. Using a sandwich bag (the stomach), some tights (small intestines), a banana, a slice of bread, two crackers, orange juice (stomach acid) and a splash of water (saliva) we pushed the food through the digestive system and ended up with a fake poo!



Our digestive system experiment

Week 3- 17.1.22-21.1.22 

The Year 4 Roman Soldier Experience

Claudius Maximus came to SMR to train his new recruits for the Roman Army. He taught us how to be disciplined and to stand in a contubernium (the smallest organized unit of soldiers in the Roman Army and was composed of eight legionaries).

We constructed a human timeline of important Ancient Roman events and learnt the Latin names for a soldier’s kit and weapons. To round off the day, we re-enacted a battle between the Roman Army and the Ancient Celts of Britain.
The Romans won!


Week 2- 10.1.22-14.1.22

This week we had our second PE, where we have been looking at hockey skills. Last week we looked at a push pass and how to hold our stick in 3 different ways, depending on how much control we need to use. This week we practised dribbling, stopping and then passing consecutively.

Week 1- 5.1.22-7.1.22

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a well rest and wonderful Christmas break. I has been so lovely to see all the children return with a smile on their faces!


This week we have dived into our new topic ‘What did the Romans do for us?’ We looked at Roman symbols and created our own Roman coins from clay. We then looked at the key events of the Roman Empire and plotted them on a timeline, which could get a bit confusing as the Roman period straddles across BC and AD.



General infomation


PPA cover will still be on a Wednesday afternoon this term and children will be taught DT and Spanish by Mrs H and Mr Dwyer.


We will be continuing to go swimming on Friday afternoon. On swimming days, children will need to bring their swimwear and a towel into school in a named bag.  For boys this will include swimming trunks or shorts (not longer than knee length). Girls should wear a one-piece costume.  Children with hair that is shoulder length or longer should bring a swim-hat or hair-band. Children may bring goggles if they use them normally and no earrings or jewelry should be worn in the pool.


We will be walking to and from the swimming pool and therefore children will need a raincoat and appropriate shoes.


PE on Thursday mornings will be outside Forest School activities. Children will need a suitable coat and wellies if you have them.


Links for reading and maths:



All children have been given new login details for Times Table Rockstars - please encourage your child to practice at home using the website.