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Term 3

Happy New Year!


We cannot believe we are in 2022 and are very excited about our topic this term – The Great Plague. Rats! Fleas! Plague masks! We will be exploring all elements of the plague that devastated the UK in 1665.


This term our PE days remain the same - Monday and Thursday. Please come to school in your PE kit (black trousers/shorts, trainers, plain white t-shirt and your year 6 blue jumper).




Remember, we are not at the disco (however much we want to be). Please only wear a watch and studs. All other jewellery/hair accessories should be left at home.


This term on a Thursday morning, Mrs H and Dr Fletcher will continue to be covering PPA, teaching Science, Spanish, Spellings and Art.

On a Thursday afternoon, Corey will be covering Miss Cameron during her phase leadership time.

The Great Plague - hook

Week beginning 03.01.22


Happy New Year!

It is now 2022!!!!!


    Even though we have only been at school 3 days, we have learnt so much.

    This week we have been studying our topic the Black Death, also known as the plague. It is a toxic disease which is spread by infected rats that were infected with fleas. The rats then carried it through the city, bringing death among the population.

    On the Great Plague day, we learnt about the symptoms of the bubonic plague which are nausea, abdominal pains, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme weakness, black blotches on skin, bubo and chills and fevers – then we acted them out.

    This Wednesday we played a game, it was a game about the plague. There were 3-5 fleas, at least 2 rats and 2 humans. We had to get through the obstacle course without being infected. The fleas had to get the rats by catching them and then they can catch a human.

    This week we have been studying our topic the Black Death, also known as the plague. It is a toxic disease which is spread by infected rats that were infected with fleas. The rats then carried it through the city, bringing death among the population.

    Plague doctors wore crow masks as they thought it would keep diseases away from their face.


Week beginning: 10.01.22


On Monday we did counter balances in gymnastics. Counter balances are a balance which you do in partners.


On Wednesday we had a discussion which was about 3 children Catherine, Tessa and Dan from a book called Children of Winter.


On Thursday we played 2v2 in football - if you won you would move up towards the Champions League, if you lost you would move down away from the Champions League. In English we started writing a diary entry imagining we are Catherine, stuck in a barn during the plague.


By Emmanuel and Malhar

Week beginning: 17.01.22


This week in maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions using pictorial diagrams to prove our knowledge

In English, we were sending and retrieving letters from Catherine to her mother and editing them, inspired by the book Children of winter.

This week in spelling, we have been adding -tion  , -sion, -ssion  and –cian to words .

In Guided reading, we have been focusing on our topic the Plague, showing how rapidly the Plague spread across London that wiped out most of the population in only a year.

DT was fun this week, we designed our very own Plague masks used in 1665 to protect doctors from the deadly illness which has possets [herbal pouches] to save them from catching the illness.

It has been very FUN this week in year 6 with shed –loads of tea.


Rosie B and Sherice

Reading our letters from Mother to Catherine

 Week beginning 24.01.21



.In P.E we have been working on playing football and 2v2 against another team

.In English we have been learning about children of winter and 1 in 4 and it stands for punctuation  for speech ?.,66 99 capital letters and we use this knowledge to write your own dialogue and about the plague


. In Spelling we have been learning to write words using ture /sure


. In guided reading we have been learning about the plague


.in fluency we have been doing Maths add subtract and multiplying


.PSHE we have been learning about dreams and goals


.In science we have be learning about evolution and inheritance


.In R.E we have been learning about hope and religions say to us when life gets hard?


.In topic we have been learning about the great plague



By Keturah and Sokhna


Week beginning 07.02.22


In gymnastics we used the wall bars and explored travelling around them. We also used a range of benches, mats and tables to jump and balance.  During our PE lesson we used all of the PE equipment to create and play a range of games.

Friendship is our PHSE topic and we created posters of the characteristics of a friend – including trusting, listens, kind, empathetic, honest and protective.

On Friday, we had a history day learning about the plague and we did fun activities for maths and English such as writing letters as Catherine encouraging Mum to live in our own villages which we designed to protect inhabitants from the plague. Calculating how many rats and humans we would need to get 600 legs in a village was also fun. We started the day with a school parade – some of the plague doctors were scary!

It was fun this week!

By Malhar and Lansana