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Term 3

Happy New Year!


We cannot believe we are in 2022 and are very excited about our topic this term – The Great Plague. Rats! Fleas! Plague masks! We will be exploring all elements of the plague that devastated the UK in 1665.


This term our PE days remain the same - Monday and Thursday. Please come to school in your PE kit (black trousers/shorts, trainers, plain white t-shirt and your year 6 blue jumper).




Remember, we are not at the disco (however much we want to be). Please only wear a watch and studs. All other jewellery/hair accessories should be left at home.


This term on a Thursday morning, Mrs H and Dr Fletcher will continue to be covering PPA, teaching Science, Spanish, Spellings and Art.

On a Thursday afternoon, Corey will be covering Miss Cameron during her phase leadership time.





In English we wrote introductions for our newspaper reports. - Sajid


This Friday was history day and we celebrated it by dressing up in extravagant costumes. - Oscar E


In Art, we put newspaper on our plague masks and paper laminated them. if you finished, you could decorate them. - Norah


In PE we were using lots of equipment and seeing what games we could create with it. - Oscar R


On Thursday in PE we played 4 corners and enjoyed playing games. - Abdoul


Adding on to Oscar E's, we did a history catwalk around the playground and got to see everyone's costumes from all different eras. - Norah




Today in Maths we divided fractions by integers and tried figuring out questions, although some were tricky, we kept trying.


In English we were writing and publishing our own endings to our class book: the children of winter. - Keelie


In Science on Thursday, we learnt about how animals adapt to their new environments. We drew our own animals that have evolved in response of modern animals. - Daniel


On Friday, we learnt from Mr Dwyer how to make a rat mask for history day next week. - Keelie


On Thursday we played football in PE we had an excellent session and tried our best. - Marwa  


On Monday in RE we talked about life after death, drew us and our souls and we wrote our characteristics. - Daniel


In PE on Monday, we had an amazing lesson practising counter poses and used the climbing frame as well as doing activities such as: balancing on the balance beam, jumping from the jumping platforms, and practising doing physical exercise. - Zahara 



In football we played 2 v 2, and next week we are learning some more skills. - Abdoul


In art, we made the base for our plague masks. - Haydon


In English, we were learning about speech and how to use it an when's the right time to use it. We have been learning to convey speech through dialogue. - Keelie and Daniel


In maths, we learnt how to add, subtract and multiply fractions. - Beth





We learnt about equivalent fractions in maths. - Noah


This week in PE we did our second lesson on football and payed a couple of matches against each other in teams of two. - Oscar E


In English, we performed our series of letters from the 'Children of Winter' with our talk partner. - Norah


In Science we were seeing what traits people had inherited and creating children from Mr Men characters. - Oscar R


In PSHE we decorated our own totem poles and wrote our goal and the steps towards them. - Zahara and Daniel


In spellings we were focusing on the sound 'sh'. - Maya



Today, in English we have written a letter as if we were Catherine's mother to write to Catherine about Mrs Hoggs. In PE we played football (2 v 2) and if you win you move up one League, but if you lose you go down a league. - Abdoul


In Maths, we looked at a fraction wall and in art we practised using charcoal and colouring pencils. - Maya


We also used oil pastels in art and paintbrushes. - Trey


This week in RE we were learning about what religions say to us when life gets hard. - Oscar R


In PSHE, we shared our strengths and goals. - Gaya



On Wednesday, we went down to the hall and did some Plague activities, although it was disgusting!  - Sajid


This week, we are learning about the Plague that happened in 1665.  - Riley


On Thursday, we did indoor activities because it was raining outside. -  Daniel


On Wednesday, we learnt about the Plague. I learnt a lot although I knew some of it already.  -  Norah


On Thursday afternoon, we created pictures of Plague doctors, although they looked scary!  - Gaya



The Great Plague - Hook