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Term 3

Scientist of the Term 3

Congratulations to our Scientist in Term3 - 100Hp each!


Esme-Rene is the scientist of the term. She told us all about the different sorts of dinosaurs and their features.




Year 1

Addie has learned and applied a lot of vocabulary to describe different materials.  She has been able to remember and use her vocabulary to reason why objects are made from certain materials. 


Year 2 

Zaf and Emmy is our scientist of the term for working really hard in all areas of science and in particular using their working scientific knowledge to observe and ask open ended questions! Well done Team!!


Year 3

Angelo is very curious about how the world works and demonstrated fantastic team work skills when carrying out scientific investigations.


Year 4

Bennie: He has shown great enthusiasm when sharing his knowledge of the digestive system.

Bruno: He has shown a real enthusiasm for knowledge and got his hands dirty with our experiments to explore the human digestive system. 


Year 5

Isaac Reami for using his investigative skills to explore how gravity affects objects of different mass and surface area.

Ophelie : She is a curious and meticulous scientist and mathematician. She uses her knowledge across both subjects to push herself further and make links. She particularly relished designing her own experiment, exploring the effects of air resistance. 


Year 6

Norah is 6 Sycamore Scientist of the Term as she consistently approaches her work scientifically;  she considers the evidence she is presented with, she uses excellent scientific vocabulary and she works methodically. Well done Norah!



Milo is 6 Elder's Scientist of the Term as he shows insight and creativity in his scientific thinking; he has made interesting links between fossils and modern-day organisms, thought very carefully about the adaptations that some organisms may need for life in a changing environment and shows understanding of how adaptations may lead to evolution.