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Term 3

WC 22.01.18


This week we have started writing our own stories based on Rosie's walk... they are already looking great and the children have been working really hard on their illustrations. In phonics we have been consolidating some of the 2-letter sounds (digraphs) learnt earlier this term and have been practising writing them down from memory. Thanks to all of you who were able to come to one of the reading meetings this week...don't worry if you were unable to attend we are sending all the notes and handouts out this evening. In RE this week we read the  story of the first prophet from the Qu'ran. We have been exploring the question 'What can we learn from sacred books?'  this term. We also looked at the tale of Peter and the Wolf and Jack and the Beanstalk as part of our stories topic. In maths we have been ordering objects by height and length. During PE this week we have practised the different types of roll from last week and have been balancing on different points of our body. We also had a go at ordering ourselves from shortest to tallest. 

Have a lovely weekend...remember it is a school trip to the farm on Monday....please come wearing Forest School Kit


Mr Marquez-Vega

WC 15.01.18


This week we have been innovating the story of Rosie the Hen. Poplar class have written a story called 'Michael The Unicorn'...Michael the Unicorn went for a walk over a bridge, under a rainbow, around the world and got back in time for dinner! Next week we will be choosing our own characters and creating individual stories. In PE we have been learning different types of roll including 'sausage roll', 'boulder roll' and 'teddy roll'. In maths we have been drawing '1 less stories' in our books. For example: "There were 4 leopards and 1 ran away because she got scared. Now there are 3!" We drew pictures of our animals and crossed one out to find out how many were left. We are beginning to explore how this can be recorded as a number calculation. In the outside area we have been balancing along planks and building our own 'trim trails'. We have continued to learn some tricky new sounds including 'ear', 'air', 'oi', 'ow' (as in cow) and ur. We have also been learning about stories from around the world.


Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Marquez-Vega

Wc 08.01.18


This week we have continued to learn about Rosie's Walk, with a particular focus on prepositions such as 'on', 'behind', 'in front of' etc. This was explored in Maths through moving a model hen around Duplo objects. Rosie went over a bridge, around a tree and through a window and past a rock. We also used prepositions during our PE lesson this week. In Literacy we drew story maps to record the story of Rosie's walk in the correct order. Next week we will beWe have continued to lots of different stories as part of our topic this term and we have had a go at making up our own during plan and play. In RE this week we learnt about the story of David and Goliath...both classes got together and the teachers and LSA's acted it out. In the outside area we have been balancing along planks, standing on stilts, working in a role-play coffee shop and building amazing models from giant construction resources. We have also been collecting house points for Friday's celebration assembly.


Have a lovely weekend


Mr Marquez-Vega

WC 3.01.18


Welcome back and Happy New Year to everyone!

We have had a great first 3 days back. We started with a mini theatrical performance from the EYFS staff of our 'Talk for Writing' text Rosie's Walk and we have been to our First Friday assembly this afternoon. During these assemblies house points will be awarded. The children have been told which house they are in  (Air, Fire, Earth or Water) and points will be collected by members of each house for excellent learning behaviour noticed by members of staff. In Maths we consolidated our learning of 3D shapes from last term by counting their faces and recording them in our books. In Literacy we have been looking at the sentence starters 'I went.....' and 'I saw....' during shared writing. We have also encouraged the children to have a go at using these to write simple sentences about what they did during the school holidays. PE is on a Friday this term... we have decided to keep their kits in school so they don't need to change into them before coming to school, though we would still like them to wear Forest School kits to school on Forest School days. 


Have a lovely weekend


Mr Marquez-Vega