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Term 3

Welcome back.

This term we are learning all about cold places. We are thinking about what it would be like to live in a cold place and what sort of animals live there.

On Monday we found a very large footprint! We thought it must have been made by a polar bear so we all went on a polar bear hunt! We went across the ice, through the dark forest, through the snow storm, through the iceberg, through the ice hole and tip toed up to the cave and saw a polar bear! We ran all the way back to the classroom and decided we weren't going on a polar  bear hunt again! 

We have also been learning all about polar bears too. Did you know they have black skin underneath their white fur?

We have had such a great term learning all about Cold places. We learnt about Polar Bears from the Arctic and penguins form the Antarctic. We gave Miss Swift our baby penguin Chilly to take to Uganda to see if he would like living in a hot place.

We have done lots of experiments with ice too. We found that if we put ice on the radiator it melted and turned into water. Elsa from Frozen asked for our help as her jewels got frozen in some ice. We had to melt the ice to get the jewels out and we did this using warm water or holding it in our warm hands.

We then built Elsa new ice palaces from different coloured ice. They looked beautiful.

This week it has been so cold and perfect temperature for snowmen. Have a look at the beautiful snowmen we made using all sorts of objects we found in the Nursery.

Have a happy holiday and see you next term.