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Term 3

We have completed our journey from the North Pole to the South Pole - we have discovered that penguins live in Antarctica not the Arctic.  We have been making snowmen though sadly not from real snow!  Today we are celebrating LOVE - look out for something coming home to you.


We wish you happy and safe holidays and will see you on Wednesday 21st February. 

Weeks 3 and 4 have seen us learn a little about the Inuit who live in the far north of Canada and Alaska.  We tried on a very thick coat and furry hood, had a go at tying our mukluks, and we even made a husky from a balloon and had to learn how to train it!  We have explored just how cold ice is - we began to understand that the ice we touched was frozen water not just 'ice'.  We considered how the tiny molecules huddle together and stop moving and when they warm up they start moving apart and this is melting.  


Next week we will be travelling very far away to the South Pole and visiting Antarctica to find out what lives there.

Week 2 brought us polar bears!  Mrs Moral has re-written "we're going on a bear hunt" to "we're going on a polar bear hunt" and we  had some adventures travelling through a frozen forest, sliding down an ice-hole, chiselling through a high, wide ice-berg.  We were very surprised to find a polar bear in the ice cave.


Imagine how shocked we were later that day when a real live polar bear visited us from the Arctic.  Marina the polar bear left her cousin Albert le blanc there, and brought us a book about when she was younger and needed a friend to play with.  We learned that she has black skin under her fur, and that her fur is made of tiny hollow tubes that trap the air to keep her warm.  She told us about her life running and swimming and sleeping in a cosy ice cave.  We wondered how she got here - did she fly on a plane or swim all that long way?

She returned the next day through an ice hole in the Nursery and this time she brought a book about her cousin Albert le blanc whose friends thought he was sad and tried to cheer him up with very funny results!  

The children remembered that she needed to be cold so made other ice holes for her to sit in.  We were all very sad when she had to return to the Arctic, but we know that polar bears are wild and can't stay in Maple Nursery. 


Have a lovely weekend all - check out the home learning ideas too!


Welcome back to a chilly, misty and sparkly Term 3!


We have had a very exciting first week back when we explored Dia de los Reyes Magos de Oriente, known as Epiphany which is the celebration of the arrival of the Wise Men to visit Jesus.


Mr Javi and Mrs Moral celebrate this day on the 6th January in Spain so we made our version of Spanish Turrone, (chocolate covered crispies), a crown for the Wise Men, a humpy bumpy camel (bactrian or dromedary - which camel has 2 humps?) and we followed the bright star around school to see where it would take us on our journey to find Jesus.  We finished our parade with an Epiphany Party - we tapped our sticks in rhythm along to a traditional Spanish song, watched the story of the Wise Men arriving and listened to the carol 'We 3 Kings of Orient are'.


It was a very exciting week!