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Term 3

Foraging and Cooking over a Campfire!


Mr Hewitt came and spoke with us about foraging. We learnt how to safely forage and which plants are found in abundance near a river or in woodland. The most fascinating fact we learnt was that the mycelium forms networks underground which help trees to grow more successfully. Mr Hewitt demonstrated how this works using string and model mushrooms. 


Mrs Lane and Mrs Croot helped us to create a marinade using watercress. This was for our mushroom skewers. Mrs. B got the campfire going for us and we all got to cook our mushroom skewers over it! We had mixed reviews on the mushrooms! 


Despite us all smelling of campfire, we have had a fantastic last day of term! If you don't believe us, have a look at our pictures.


A word of warning from Mr Hewitt: Make sure that you only forage for food that you know is safe. Do plenty of research and stay away from wild mushrooms as it takes an awful lot of research to know how to pick the safe ones to eat. 

Foraging and Cooking over a Campfire

Building Bridges!


The children in Year 5 have been designing and making their own suspension bridges. They researched information about different types of bridges, investigated structure and strength and used this to create their own bridges. Well done to you all! They are pretty impressive! 

Building Bridges!

Mini Cop Ted!


PC Beccy with Ted in his police uniform. Ted says thank you to Mrs Croot for making sure that he is always dressed and prepared for any weather or event!



What Does It Mean to be a Muslim in Britain Today?


As part of our RE learning, we have been looking at Islam. We have learnt about the Five Pillars of Islam. Some of the children led our learning and demonstrated the different prayer positions. They bought in their prayer mats and prayer beads to share and answered questions from their peers. It was an incredibly valuable contribution to our learning!


We Are Scientists!

Today, we have been focusing on our Science learning: Earth and space. We have planned an investigation to prove that the Earth is traveling around the Sun. We will be measuring and observing the position of a shadow throughout the day when we get some sunshine!


We also investigated the relative size of the planets and their distance from our Sun. We decided that each centimetre is equal to a million kilometres. The furthest planet from the Sun is Neptune. It is 4,500 million Km away. This helped us to know that we needed to measure a distance of 45m from our model Sun. We then plotted all the other planets.


Finally, we made estimations to decide on which sphere to use to represent each planet based on its size. 


Our resident astrophysicist, Dr. Fletcher (Ms. Fletcher) came to answer some of our questions. She shared her thesis with us. Even cooler; she shared her appearance on the front page of the Telegraph in Ireland in 1997 when her team discovered a dwarf planet!


Have a look though our fantastic pictures to see this!

Our Sun and its Planets: Science investigation

Q & A with Dr. Fletcher


If someone managed to get through a black hole, where would they end up? (Issy C)

This question can't be answered but there are many theories. Keep asking these kind of questions because science is all about questions. And when we find the answer to a question, we have many more that emerge from it. 


Does the Moon ever see the sun? (Luka)

It does because when we can see the Moon, that means the Moon can see the Sun. This is because the moon reflects light from the Sun. It is like a mirror!


If you sent a satellite through a worm hole, would we be able to find out what is on the other side? (Giulia)

You could. However, we have not found any worm holes yet. 


How do we know about the multiverse? (Eve)

We don't know. We just think that it is out there because we have the maths to support the theories. 


Where is the Milky Way and how far is it? (Yusuf)

We are actually part of the milky way. The Milky Way forms spirals. We are on one of the outer arms of it. 


What planets did you name? (Martha)

I named 1997F25 and 1997G25. They are dwarf planets. 


Thank you Dr. Fletcher! Lime Class are definitely enthusiastic scientists and even more so after your Q&A session with them!

Resident Dr. Fletcher answers our questions on Earth & Space!

What sea creatures are lurking in the river?

3D models of the journey of a river

Today we have been creating our 3-D models of a river's journey. We planned our designs on strips of paper first and labelled it with key features such as the source, meander, tributaries, estuary and mouth. We have started constructing our 3D models using papier mache techniques. As soon as they are completed, we will post some pictures of the end result!

Tuesday 5th February is Safer Internet Day


As a parent or carer you play a key role in helping your child to stay safe online.


You don’t need to be an expert on the internet to help keep your child stay safe online.


There is excellent advice and a range of  resources from the UK Safer Internet Centre to support you as you support your child to use the internet safely, responsibility and positively. Click this link to find out more:


This website:

  • unpacks the issues surrounding internet use
  • gives you help as a parent to talk to your child about the internet
  • tells you how to use safety controls and set up filters on devices
  • has lots more advice & resources for using technology safely

Leigh Woods and Clifton Suspension Bridge

Today (Friday 18th January 2019) we went to Leigh Woods and visited the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The trip was planned to support our learning of Rivers. 


"We observed the River Avon and noticed the currents and the tides." Yusuf


"Today we went to Leigh Woods and we did lots and lots of walking. we all got really tired and hungry! But it was fun!" Issy C


"Today we travelled on a coach to Leigh Woods. Then we walked down to the River Avon and back to a hut and ate our lunch in the woods. After that, we walked to the bridge. I was surprised that there were no poles holding it up.We made some observations and sketches on the structure of the bridge and the features of the river." Lucan


"It is quite difficult to imagine that such a feat of engineering was built such a long time ago. I thought it was quite an elegant design in the way that it is structured." Izzy N


"We went to the River Avon and at the end we played a game and walked across the Clifton Suspension Bridge. I thought it was the best trip ever!" Taiyo

"I held a random sale at school for the RSPCA. It was a huge success! I managed to raise £25.50. Thank  you to everyone who supported the cause." Skye

Skye handing over a cheque to RSPCA

Skye handing over a cheque to RSPCA 1

Welcome to Term 3!


This term, we will be immersing ourselves in the arts. The whole school theme is 'Take 5'. Each class will be learning about our year group topic through: books, art, music, dance and food. In Year 5, we will be focusing on rivers. As much as possible, our learning will be cross-curricular. 


In maths, we will revisit place value and then move on to perimeter and area. In English, our class book is 'Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson.


P.E. will be on a Tuesday mornings (outdoor) and Thursday afternoons (indoor).


Please continue to support the work that the children do at school by reading with them at home and practicing timetables. 


Can't wait to update this page with all the fun learning that will take place in Term 3!