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Term 3

T3 knowledge organiser

Welcome to term 3!


Have a look at our knowledge organiser to see what we're up to this term.

10th January 2020


We have been learning about the Great Plague. People were infected by fleas which lived on rats. 


This week in maths, we have been learning how to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000 with decimal numbers. 


In PE, we were learning a Bollywood dance!


In history, we created a class timeline. One date was the birth of Jesus 0 A.D. and another was the Great Fire of London in 1666.


We also started our new book called 'Children of Winter' by Berlie Doherty.


We have started guided maths this term where we've mixed up the classes and we are focusing on arithmetic.


We have also been learning about weather and climate in geography/ICT.

17th January 2020


On Friday we learnt about the water cycle, how it works and learnt the key vocabulary.


In PE we danced! We learnt the stag leap and rebound jump (we will all practise this at home).


In maths we were turning fractions into decimals.


In English we were writing a newspaper report about the plague.


In PSHE we were think about our strengths and wrote a personal goal and an academic goal.


In RE we were asking questions about life after death.


In DT with Mrs H, we were learning the features of a plague mask.

24th January 2020


This week in English we have been writing an informal diary and letter to the mum of the children in winter, for either Tessa, Dan or Catherine.


In PE we were doing hip hop dance. We all got into partners and we practised doing a lift. 


In maths we've been converting fractions into percentages.


In topic we have been writing a script for a weather report and have found out what is included in a forecast.


In guided maths some children multiplied 3-digit by 3-digit numbers.


In D+T we have been planning how to make our own plague masks.


In RE we have been learning about life and the soul.

31st January 2020


In dance we learnt some new hip hop moves.


In English we were Catherine Tebutt and wrote an entry in her diary.


In topic we were drawing the isobars on a synoptic chart and then we added red and blue fronts to show different air temperatures.


In PE we are improving our tag rugby skills.


In maths we were increasing and decreasing amounts by different percentages.


In Spanish we were learning how to say different types of sports kits.


In Spellings we have been making our own -able -ible word games.


In DT we were finishing off our plague masks using scrap paper.

7th February 2020


In Art we have used papier mache to cover our plague masks.


In English, we have been editing and revising our work using A.R.M.S. and C.U.P.S.


In maths, we've started learning about algebra.


In PE we have been doing the haka. With Bristol Sport we played a mini match of tag rugby.


In RE we drew a ladder and we put our most important people at the top. We learnt about reincarnation, moksha, karma and dharma. In RE we were deciding in our versions of heaven and hell how we would choose who went to heaven and who went to hell.


In science we were learning about how dinosaurs adapted to their new environment.


In guided reading one group were reading a book called 'there's a boy in the girls' bathroom'.

Friday 14th February


On Thursday we had a history day and all dressed up in costumes to do with the plague.


On Wednesday we went on a school trip to the docks and completed a treasure hunt.


In PE this week, Sycamore and Elder had a hack off! On Tuesday we did a tag rugby tournament.


On Tuesday in art, we finished off our plague masks, ready for history day.


Throughout the week, we have been focussing on poems in English. We have been looking at different types of poems and we have adapted one to make it related to the plague. 


In topic, we were acting out our weather reports.


For the newspaper, some people interviewed children about the history day.