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Term 3

A Moment in Time 

This term we will be creating mini palaeontologists as we research dinosaurs from the egg to extinction. We will be researching the features of meat eating and plant eating dinosaurs and discovering how they lived.In the last two weeks of term we will shift the history focus to the children themselves and be discovering how they have changed since they were babies. We look forward to finding out all the unusual  things they want to be when they will be when they grow up.


The children are always excited by learning new words and we will be introducing this vocabulary and making our own class dictionaries: past, present, future, reptile, carnivore, herbivore, scaly skin, fossil, ferocious, enormous, tiny, extinct, birth, toddler, growing, adult, child.


In maths, we will be solving simple problems such as measuring dinosaur bones and footprints, weighing different sized eggs and finding one more and one less leaf for the Brontosaurus.


In phonics, we will be revising the sounds the children do not know yet from phase 2 and beginning phase 3. These sounds are j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai. We will be learning to read these tricky "trouts": he, she, we, be, me, all, are.


Our PE focus in term 3 is dance which will be on Monday mornings. Please can your children bring a PE kit from week 1. Forest school will be in terms 5 and 6 when we have glorious sunshine!






We have been learning how to be healthy, the children told us they need to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, sleep all night (and not get up) and keep clean. They told us exercise such as swimming, running in the sun, walking and playing football was important. 

Our next challenge was to help  Elli the elephant get down from our wooden shed. She was travelling in her hot air balloon and she got stuck. The children gave us some ideas about how to get her down such as putting out an inflatable trampoline so she could jump off the roof and bounce or making a tower of children and passing her down. They worked in groups building towers and ladders to rescue her. 

This helps us launch Elli learning behaviour. The bees who work in teams, the unicorn who has creative ideas, the tortoise who keeps on trying and the curious cat who is always asking questions. For the rest of this term we are developing children's team work skills by playing cooperative games and solving problems in pairs.  

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Last week we had a special delivery of four large pink eggs. The children looked after the eggs keeping them warm so that they would hatch. To our surprise, one egg hatched and there was a baby dinosaur inside and the other dinosaur escaped...The children wrote posters and stuck them all around the school to warn everyone that there was a dinosaur on the loose. A neighbour wrote us a letter telling us he saw a dinosaur running around in Victoria park. We went on an expedition to the park and found the missing dinosaur in a tree covered in plasters! He is currently enjoying our warm classrooms and lots of attention.
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