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Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3

We hope you have had a nice break and are ready for another fantastic term!


We are very excited to be starting our new topic ‘A Moment of Time – Brunel’.  Through this topic, we will be researching Isambard Kingdom Brunel and discovering what Brunel did to change life in Victorian England.

On Thursday 23rd January, we will be making our way to SS Great Britain on Bristol Harbourside where we will be having a guided tour and an opportunity to explore the boat.  Details of this will be sent to you shortly. 


The children have worked really hard and have had amazing term learning about money.  Term 3 focus is multiplication and division. 


To help your child at home please work with your child to help them to explore all the different ways they can make 100.


We will continue to practice 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times table.  Practice makes perfect!

Hit the link below!


Below is a Knowledge Organiser, please use this to find out about all the other exciting projects your child will be undertaking this term. To prepare your child for the start of the term please refer to the vocabulary section and discuss the meaning of the words with your child.



Tuesday Indoor: Dance (2 Whitebeam)

Wednesday: Outdoor (2 Whitebeam and 2 Hazel)

Friday Indoor: Dance (2 Hazel)


Please ensure that your child brings appropriate clothing for the activity and the weather!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me at the end of the school day or make an appointment to talk to me at another time.


Miss Ali

Knowledge Organiser

Week 2


In Art, we made a colour wheel with Mrs H. We mixed primary colours to make secondary colours. Red mixed with yellow makes orange!   - Sofia


We have been learning Brunel and we made a plan for a proper report. - Eva


In Maths we have been learning our 2x, 5x and10x tables. We were using arrays to help us. - Luc


We have been learning out Term 3 spelling : copying, skiing, replying, marrying, flying, trying, carrying, crying, drying and only.  - Hannah


In RE we learnt about the parable of the lost sheep. The shepherd lost one of his sheep, he found it and then he had a party because he was happy to find it.  - Aisha



Week 3


Today, in RE, we drew 6 pictures about the parable 'The Lost sheep' that Jesus told to the villagers when he was alive. - Jude


We went on a trip yesterday to the SS Great Britain. I really liked the kitchens !  - Eva


...there was a talking toilet on the SS Great Britain! - Rayaan


The talking toilet said 'This place is occupied,' and 'I am thinking!'  - Elia


I liked the doctor's cabin. I saw a saw and a knife for cutting off injured hands!!   surprise - Joshua

Week 4


In Art this week we have been doing sketches of Clifton Suspension Bridge. Next week we are going to paint it! - Aisha


In RE we learned about the importance of our class rules. We also learnt from Jesus' teaching that life is not all about money or what you wear! - Jude


In Computing, Mr Germain taught us about personal & private information and the stuff that you shouldn't share with other people online - Jake


We have been learning our Term 3 words: patting, beautiful, humming, patted, hummed...  - Hannah



Week 5


We have been learning in Maths about fractions, using halves and quarters - Tiara


In our Spelling lesson we did a hot quiz with 11 different words, like: always, altogether, ball, wall, fall... - Jude


This week we did our dances at Ashton Park for Dance Fest. There were lots of schools there from Bristol and there was lots of confetti at the end! - Hannah


In English we have been writing a diary based on Emily's Surprising Voyage - Elia




Week 6


On Thursday it was History Day. We made our own suspension bridges, cantilever bridges and draw bridges. - Aisha


In RE we learnt about Jonah and the Big Fish. Each table drew part of the story and we learnt its hidden meaning - Hannah


For History day everyone in school dressed up as their history topic. Year 6 dressed up as plague victims, Year 4 were Romans, Year 3 were Tudors, Year 5 dressed up from WW2 and our year dressed as Brunel. - Josh


In Art we made Valentines card with Miss Ali and gave them to someone who looks after us heart  Jude