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Term 3

Welcome to Term 3, we hope you have had a good rest over the holiday and are ready for more learning!


Our Project is all about Time - Moments in History.  We are starting with our own Moment - when we were babies and exploring our development as we grow and change.  We will then look at different aspects of time including day and night, and things that happened long ago.


Week 1's Moment is exploring Epiphany - the time when the Wise Men visited Baby Jesus.  

Week 1 also found some baby owls in our Nursery!  We discovered that part of Time is waiting for something to happen .... Ask us to tell the story to you.  


Week 2:  we are learning about Time a very long, long, long, long, long time ago - Prehistoric.  We found a big nest of eggs in the Nursery and something hatched from them.  Greg the Dinosaur came to play, but we don't know where the other dinosaurs are; we think they may be around school so let us know if you see one. 


We found some different eggs on Friday which were made from ice and we used different tools to help the hatchlings escape and there was great excitement.  More dinosaurs roaming!  Next we transported chunks of ice to the water tray to watch what would happen next.  This was the children's own idea.


Next week we will see what becomes of baby dinosaurs as they grow.  


Finally, we explored the idea of Fair and Not Fair.  Everyone was able to sit on the bus, but then the driver started to say that people who wore trousers, or boots or who had curly hair weren't allowed to sit on the bus and they had to get off.  Mrs Knights asked them if they thought this was fair or not fair and they put their voting peg into the scales to see what would happen.  Some interesting answers!  In the end, we thought everyone should be allowed on the bus and you can get off if you want to.  


Our children are really amazing thinkers!


Happy weekend everyone.   Mrs Knights


Still image for this video
Have a look at our amazing dragon dance!

Week 4 has welcomed Mr Miners to help us learn and look after us. 


We have been discovering Chinese New Year.  We were very interested in the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac and we had to find them in a trail, we acted out the story of the Great Race, made red envelopes, explored the pouring and filling properties of rice and even visited a Chinese Restaurant in the Nursery.  We tried the Chopstick Challenge - to pick up prawn crackers, noodles carrot pieces and tangerine slices.  It was really tricky!  We decided that the dragon was our favourite animal so we made our own dragons using paper, tape and glue - have a look at them on our Wow Windows, and read the story of our Transient Art photos.  


Next week's Moment in Time will be considering babies - what they need, how they grow and what we are like now.


Happy weekend and Gung Hey Fat Choi! (Happy New Year)


Mrs Knights and Mr Miners 

Week 5 has been all about "Then" or when we were Babies!  We listened to the story "Shhh! Don't wake the Royal Baby!" and "The Royal Nappy".  We explored how to take care of babies - some of us are really good at changing nappies, feeding and dressing!  We reminded ourselves what we were like when we were babies by playing a game where we rolled a dice and matched an Action Card; we had to roll over, splash in the bath, crawl, cry (very loudly like the Royal Baby), rock ourselves to sleep and shake a rattle.  Everyone waited patiently for their turn and showed their baby skills.  We designed a Royal Nappy and these are hanging on the Royal Washing Line in Nursery. 

On Friday we held Baby Olympics.   We practised steering a buggy up and down slopes and steps, crawling through a tunnel while holding a baby and being rocked in the red cone while we tried to learn the rhyme 'Rock-a-bye-Baby'.  Lots of us got very tired of holding the baby!  

Week 6 will be exploring "Now" and thinking about Birthdays and the Future. 


Please let us know how you are getting on with Oxford Reading Buddy.  If you need help to login, please come and ask. 

Finally ..... PLEASE PLEASE log in to Eexat and add to your child's observations, we like to read parent comments. If you need help to get started please come and ask. 


Mrs Knights and Mr Miners

The last week of term!  We have been exploring our own birthdays to get a sense of time passing.  We decorated cakes and sang happy birthday to each other.  We celebrated Valentines Day by designing and decorating heart hangings and counting hearts and matching broken hearts!  We have had a lovely day.


We wish you happy and safe holidays.


Mrs Knights and Mr Miners