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Term 3- Horrid Henry

WC 10.2.20


A fantastic final week of the term. The highlights were designing, making and baking a loaf of bread for Henry VIII over a fire in the school garden and the whole school History Day! The costumes were impressed...thanks for all your hard work in helping your children get ready.

We have been learning more about Henry's 6 Wives and his reasons for getting rid of them in one way or another! In PE we completed our Matilda dance and in Maths we have been learning more about lines and angles. 

WC 3.2.20


Another great week in Larch Class! The highlight of this week has to be the Science day we had on Thursday. The children investigated how to reflect light using a mirror in order to send messages around a corner. We also explored how we could change the size and shape of our shadows and we carried out an experiment to see how the height of a light source effects the length of a shadow. We then plotted our results on a line graph.

There was some great attacking and defending play in netball and we are definitely beginning to understand how to use space! In maths we have been learning about geometry and what a right angle, acute angle and an obtuse angle looks like.

In literacy we have been writing a newspaper report on the disappearance of Hermia and Lysander


Photos to follow

Have a great weekend


Mr Hewett and Mrs Clarke

WC 27.1.20


This week we have been learning about....


  • Attacking and defending skills in netball
  • In guided reading we learnt about mythical beasts and pyramids
  • 'Ch' spellings that sound like 'sh' e.g. parachute, machete
  • Independent clauses and compound sentences
  • Features of a newspaper article
  • 2 Step problems involving money
  • Life in Tudor times. (Debate...would you give up your lifestyle in Britain today to become an extremely rich Tudor).


Have a lovely weekend...don't forget to read regularly and record it in your reading record!


Mr H

Tudor Walk

WC 20.1.20


I asked the class about the things they had enjoyed learning about most this week. Our favourite thing was the Tudor Walk! Here is what the children could remember about their learning from our trip.

"We visited a wooden boat called The Matthew." 

"The Matthew was owned by a man called 'Giovanni Cabotto' (known as John Cabot)

"Some of the buildings we saw were just after Tudor times because lots of the Tudor buildings would have been demolished."

"We learnt that Tudor buildings (wooden beams) were covered in tar to make them waterproof and stop them from rotting."

"There used to be a castle in Castle Park."



Knowlegde Organiser

Learning about timelines with Juniper Class

WC 13.1.20


Here is what the children have remembered about their learning this week.


"In spelling I learnt how to spell the words 'remembering' and 'arrived'".

"We learned about Henry VIII."

"We learnt that Henry VIII would have his servants stab his mattress every night to make sure there were no assassins hiding under his bed".

"We've been learning about the timeline from when dinosaurs were alive until us!"

"We've learnt that Henry killed two of his wives."

"In maths we looked at how to divide a 2 digit number by a 1-digit number and how to complete column multiplications."

"In english we have been learning about Shakespeare."


Please do ask your children about their learning and see what else they can add!


Have a great weekend


Mr Hewett and Mrs Clarke

Tudor Houses

WC 6.1.20


Happy New Year!

We have had a fantastic first week back getting stuck into our new Tudor topic. We have learnt about the basic plot of Shakespeare's 'A midsummer Night's Dream' and explored the different characters. We found it particularly amusing that one of them is called 'Bottom'!

We have also started learning about the differences between life in Tudor times and today.  We have learnt lots about how Tudor homes were constructed and we made some amazing pictures of these to hang in our classroom. Photos to follow!

In Maths we have been learning about related multiplication facts  (3x4=12 so 3x40=120) and multiplication and division fact families. We have used our new knowledge to tackle reasoning questions and solve problems. This week has been reading week in school, it has been lovely to hear everybody read and to celebrate their progress. Please remember that your child has access to the Oxford Reading Tree Reading Buddies online. This is a great additional reading resource that provides the children with opportunities to answer comprehension questions and explore a range of text types at their reading level. If you have lost your password or need any help with this please let me know and I will help you get started.


Have a great weekend


Mr Hewett

Welcome back! Happy new year!


We hope you all had a great break and feel rested for another busy term. 


This term our topic is called Horrid Henry, we will be learning all about Tudor Times and in our English we are using the story ' A Midsomer Night's Dream' as our text to base our writing. 


We have lots of exciting learning planned!


In maths we will continue with multiplication and division then move onto money and geometry. In science our topic is all about light. 


Included on this page this term is a Knowledge Organiser, please use this to support your child in learning at home but particularly helping them to understand and use the vocabulary. 


Unfortunately the pool is still not ready so we won't be starting swimming straight away in term 3, we will keep you updated with news we here from the pool. 


We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 7th January.