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Term 3- Horrid Henry

Knowledge Organiser

Week 6


"Today in topic we painted tropical trees ready for Term 4" (Alex)


"In English we have been writing a newspaper report about A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Bella)


"In science we have been learning about shadows and light" (Raenisa)


"On Thursday we dressed up as Tudors and celebrated history day!" (Mohamed)


"Today, during the afternoon, we watched a movie about A Midsummer Night's Dream - this was our end of term treat for working so hard and being a fantastic class." (Amel)


"In art we have been framing our Tudor portraits." (Maggie)


Well done everyone for working so hard this term. both Miss Dudding and I are very proud of you. We hope you have a great holiday. Stay safe and remember to say please and thank you! 






Tudor Bread Cooking and Traditional Tudor Games


Week 5

  • In English we have been writing a newspaper report about Hermia and Lysander and how they escaped into the woods. Today we published our reports.
  • In maths this week we have been learning about acute, obtuse and right angles.
  • Yesterday we had a science day and we were shining a light on a mirror and reflecting it. We were also investigating how and when shadows move.
  • In art we painted our frames for our Tudor portraits.
  • In computing we learnt how to play musical notes on Sam Labs.
  • In PE we were learning to defend in small group games. Also in PE we put all our sections of dance together.
  • In RE we were  learning about moksha.
  • In guided reading this week we were looking at play scripts and exploring using expression and actions.
  • In spelling we have been learning about the suffix ‘ation’ for example medication and rotation.
  • In Spanish we were learning about animals

Week 4


"In maths, this week, we have been mainly learning about money. Today we have been completing cold and hot tasks." (Amel)


"In science, we have been investigating which sources emit light." (Mohamed)


"In writing, we have been planning a newspaper report about A Midsummer Night's Dream." (Annie)


"In computing, we have been using SAM-LABS to create storms." (Archie)


"In spelling, we have been looking at words with the ch phoneme but it sounds like sh. For example chef." (Amy-Grace)


"In topic, we have been discussing whether or not we would like to be a wealthy Tudor or be alive today. The class voted with a majority in favour of enjoying our lives today." (Sebastian)

Week 3


What have you learnt about this week?

"In Maths, we have been learning about money. In Science, we searched around the school for objects which were reflective. In Art, we used paint to create skin colours. In computing, we used SamLabs to create traffic lights and cars which responded to the lights. On Thursday, we walked around Bristol looking for Tudor clues."

Week 2


  • This week in English we have been writing letters and performing drama to express reasons why Hermia does not want to marry Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream. (Scarlet)
  • In topic, we have been learning about time lines and placing pictures where their period of time would have been. (Alex)
  • In science we have been learning about light and the different sources of light. (Bella)
  • In maths we have been dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. (James T)
  • During art we have been learning how to draw portraits of famous Tudors. This week we were learning about colour wheels. (Salwa). 

Week 1:

  • In topic we have been making Tudor houses. We learnt that they were often made out of wooden timber  and then wattle and daub were used to hold it altogether. 
  • In maths we have carried on learning about multiplication and division. We used related facts to help us solve problems for example 8x4= 32 so 8x40=320.
  • In our english we are learning about the story ' A Midsummer Night's Dream', we created story boards and watched a video of the story. 
  • In topic we looked at photographs and pictures and wrote questions about Tudor times. 
  • On Tuesday we looked at Tudor objects and photos and had to try and work out what they were or used for.
  • In computing we were exploring the blocks on SamLabs.
  • In art we were drawing Tudor portraits. 
  • In RE we were learning what it would feel like to be a Hindu in GB. 
  • We have all been assessed in reading this week and are going to practise our reading at home alot this year!
  • We won Attendance Ted for Term 2! Well done us!

Welcome back! Happy new year!


We hope you all had a great break and feel rested for another busy term. 


This term our topic is called Horrid Henry, we will be learning all about Tudor Times and in our English we are using the story ' A Midsummer Night's Dream' as our text to base our writing. 


We have lots of exciting learning planned!


On Wednesday 22nd January we will be getting a coach to Harvington Hall to learn more about Tudor life, focusing on how it was different for the rich and poor.


In maths we will continue with multiplication and division then move onto money and geometry. In science our topic is all about light. 


Included on this page this term is a Knowledge Organiser, please use this to support your child in learning at home but particularly helping them to understand and use the vocabulary. 


Unfortunately the pool is still not ready so we won't be starting swimming straight away in term 3, we will keep you updated with news we here from the pool. 


We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 7th January.