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Term 3 - Romans



"On Thursday we had a Roman day where we had a roman feast. This included bread, cheese dates and different types of fruit." Beth


"We also completed our wax tablets and were able to take them home and write on them with a stylus." Norah


"This week in art we got to draw ourselves and friends in Roman outfits." Gaya


We have all really enjoyed our topic this term and are looking forward to taking part in Bikeability and learning different Ancient Greek Myths.


Roman wax tablets

Week Beginning 3rd February


"We started making our Roman wax tablet this week and decorated them using felt tips. We sawed pieces of wood we had already measured at a 45 degree angle so we could use the mitre join to join it together. " Brie


"In computing we made a poster about how life was for the Romans using our knowledge. We used the I-pads to get information and images." Keelie and Iolo


"On Wednesday we showed our Roman dance to Year 2 and we added cardboard shields so we could make the turtle formation." Sajmanda and Daniel


"This week, on Science day, we learnt about how the digestive system worked. We got into groups of 3 and went through the process of digestion. It was disgusting!" Gaya

Week beginning 27th January


"On Thursday we started writing our own stories based on the 'Thieves of Ostia', a story set in Roman times. We were able to change our characters and what was stolen." Keelie


"On Thursday, in Art, we made mosaics using coloured paper in the design of a Roman Numeral." Norah


"In computing, we sketched on paper or ipads a Roman Gladiator to see which one looked better." Brie


"In computing we compared which was easier to use, paper or ipads. We found out paper was easier to use." Daniel 

Week beginning 20th January

Our trip to Caerleon


"We went to see the Roman fortress and baths to see how they used to live. We saw how they washed themselves and used a dirty sponge to wipe their bottoms after going to the toilet. " Neshan


"My favourite part of the trip was when we went into the barracks because you see how small the rooms were. Each room slept 8 soldiers and their mattresses were made from straw." Beth


" My favourite part of the trip was when we went into the amphitheatre because we could see the real remains not a replica. It was very big and there were stairs to lead out into the arena." Tunde




Week beginning 13th January


"This week, we learnt how to march like Roman soldiers and we marched in groups of 8 to Roman music. It was a bit hard to keep in time." Zahara and Lakshayaa


"This week in English, we have been writing about how Nubia feels as she was kidnapped and sold as a slave. Flavia bought her and we are anxious to see what happens next." Daniel


This week we learnt about Roman numerals and the perimeter of shapes. Also we discussed how Flavia could help the poor slave girls. So far all we know is she spent her birthday money and money she got from selling the jewels she found to buy a slave." Gaya and Rianne

Week beginning 6th January 2020


'This term we are focusing on the Romans and on Tuesday we went outside and split ourselves into groups of 5 to make a chariot to race. We made chariots to experience chariot racing like the Romans.' Amanda and Emily


'Although many of our chariots were creative, not many stayed together as we raced around the course.' Beth


'In computing, we learnt about robots and how they are not a human made out of metal they are a machine that is programmed to do something.' Oscar

The Romans


This term, we will focus on the Romans. We will look at how the Roman's influenced life now and how they lived then.

Look at our knowledge planner below to give you more information of our learning...

Roman Knowledge Organiser

Roman Knowledge Organiser 1

Knowledge Organsier