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Term 3 - Romans

Week Beginning  - 7th February 


This week, in English, we watched a video  called 'Pigeon Impossible' and then we wrote our own stories to go with it. Musa


In Topic, we have been evaluating our wax tablets. Milo


On Thursday, it was History Day and Year 4 came in as Romans. In the afternoon, we had a Roman feast! It was delicious! Reggie


In Science, we did a digestion experiment. Our question was 'Are some foods harder to digest than others?' We found out that some foods were harder to digest like hula hoops and gummy bears. Abdulrahman 

Our Digestion System Experiment

Week Beginning 3rd February 


"Today, we were writing instructions of how to make a Roman wax tablet because we started making them earlier in the week. We were making them for our roman day which is next Thursday. Don't forget to dress up as a Roman!" Oscar


"On Tuesday, we had a science day where we recreated the digestive process.

 We used Wheatabix, tights, 2 cups, a washing up bowl, a plastic bag, some water and orange juice." Ruby


"In PE, we were practising our hockey skills by getting in groups of 8 and passing and stopping the ball." Reggie




Week beginning 27th January


"In coding we were experimenting if it was easier to draw Roman gladiators on paper or ipads. In the end we found out that drawing was easier on paper as the ipads were a bit scruffy." Oscar


"In PE we were going around the hall in groups being Roman soldiers marching into battle." Reggie


"On Thursday in Art, we were making paper mosaics in the design of Roman numerals. " Phoebe


"In English we are writing our own stories based on the Thieves of Ostia' and we could change the characters and what was stolen." Ruby

Week beginning 20th January


In art, we were  making Roman Numeral mosaics using our own flat paint paper. Not many people have finished although some people have. Oscar


In PE, we were marching as a unit around the whole hall in time with the music. Ky


On Tuesday, we went to Caerleon and saw ancient ruins. Milo


In maths, we were creating factor bugs. A factor pair is two numbers that you times together to get a product. Poppy

Week beginning 13th January


In topic, we have been designing a wax tablet for a Roman school child. Milo


In PE, we were exploring marching like a Roman Soldier with spears and shields. Ky


In RE, we were looking at paintings that were interpretations of Jesus' baptism. We were looking at how the trinity was represented. Michalina



Week beginning 6th January 2020


'On Tuesday we learnt how the Romans entertained themselves and as an example we  used resources from the playpod to make chariots in groups of 5. Then we did a big race and it ended up with lots of people didn't make it to the last round as their chariots broke!' Bill


'On Thursday, in Art we made flat paintings for the beginning of our mosaics.' Sherice


'We used robots called OzoBots in computing this week.' Chloe

The Romans


This term, we will focus on the Romans. We will look at how the Roman's influenced life now and how they lived then.

Look at our knowledge planner below to give you more information of our learning...

Roman Knowledge Organiser

Knowledge Orgnaniser