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Term 4

Welcome back!

In topic we have been making houses for the little man in the Tin forest.  We made them by using 3D shapes like, cubes; triangular based prism; rectangular based prism and cuboids. We stuck our houses on a rectangular piece of card and decorated them like gardens - Iris and Juliet


In Science, we have begun to learn about food chain. A food chain is where a predator eats a prey and the prey eats a plant. A bird is a predator, a snail is the prey and the grass is a plant that the snail eats. - Daisy and Stella


On Tuesday we went to Forest School and we made mini stick men out of twigs and leaves and connected them with pipe cleaners. We also made dens out of sticks and twigs for our stick men. - Elliott and Emmy


Thursday was World Book Day and we all dressed up as book characters. We moved around to different classes and read books and did an activity to represent that book. My favourite book was 'You're Safe With Me', because it had nice patterns on the illustrations. We then chose a picture of an animal and drew patterns on it. - Zubair


In the evening we came back at 5o'clock dressed in our pyjamas and the teachers read us some stories and we had some hot chocolate. - Rahma.

Week 3:


This week in Science we have continued to learn about food chains. We played a game where we had to pretend to be an animal and then guess if it was a prey or predator. Then we drew some food chains. - Zubair


In Maths, we have been learning about fractions - halves; quarters and thirds. We have learnt that a half has two equal parts, a quarter has four equal parts and a third has three equal parts. - Juilet


In our topic we have been learning how to make a house out of straws inspired by our book - The Tin Forest. We attached the straws together by using cellotape, blu--tack and snips in the straws. We used cubes, cuboids and pyramids to make out houses 3D. - Barnaby


At Forest school we were making wands out of paper, sticks, feathers , string and masking tape. We were making wands because we wanted to spread magic in the forest.  We made dream catches as well. - Rivers


In English, we have been planning, editing and writing postcodes to tell our friends about the magic that happens in the Tin Forest. We were using expanded noun phrases to make our writing more exciting! - Loki


In PE, we were retrieving a ball by rolling then chasing after it.  We had to run past the ball to get in front of it. - Stella


In Computing, we were using the iPads to take photos of textures around the playground - Daisy

This week we have LOVED the sunny weather!!!


In Maths, we have been finding halves, quarters, thirds and a whole of shapes and numbers. The number on the bottom of a fraction is called the 'denominator' and the 'numerator' is the name of the number on the top. We also found out that two quarters is the same as a half. We also learnt how to count in fractions. - Stella, Elliot and Iris


In Forest school this week we made the old man's house from the story out of sticks.  We used small world people and we used string to attach things to the house. - Arthur


In DT we have started to create our stages for our Tin Forest puppet performance.  We used tape, straw and tin foil to make a 3D house.  We also made some puppets. - Zubair and Stevie


In RE we thought about how Christians felt on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday and used Easter egg shapes to draw and write their feelings. - Joey




The Last Supper

Today was RE day and a time for us to think about Easter.  We learnt about Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples. Peter and Judas were with Jesus at the super, but Judas betrayed Jesus. He went and told the guards where Jesus was and they arrested him. Jesus told Peter that he would deny knowing him three times before the cock croaked and it happened. - Jessie, Stella, Edith, Iris and Stevie


In Maths we have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes.  We learnt the word 'vertices'. When two sides meet together it makes a vertex - Sylvie, Daisy and Juilet.


In DT we were making stages for our Tin Forest show. We used tinfoil, straws and tissue paper. - Elliot


In English, we have been innovating the Tin Forest story to make it our own. - Omar