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Term 4

Welcome to Term 4!


This term we are studying Shakespeare's Macbeth and we launched our topic with the three witches.


PE will be on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. PPA is Tuesday PM covered by Bristol Sport and Miss Fletcher teaching RE.


Miss Cameron has leadership on a Monday afternoon, which is covered by Miss Price teaching Spanish and Raff and Cory sport.


Please continue to use Times Tables Rock Stars ( and please read with your child every day.


Any questions please ask!


Yr 6 Team

Week beginning 28th February


On Thursday it was world book day we dressed up as our favourite book characters. We also rotated classrooms and did activities based on books given to the teacher. Miss Price had ’The Wombles’!

In English this week we have been focusing on our book Macbeth and a little bit about subordinate clauses as well .On Tuesday we found out our new topic for this term which is Macbeth, a Shakespeare story. Three of our teachers came in cackling and dressed as witches.  We then went into groups of 3 and re-enacted the first scene – some of us were great witches!

We did hockey in the hall with Corey which was very fun and amusing. During our PE session on Tuesday, we had Bristol Sport the first time and we are looking forward to our next lesson with them.

In maths we were focusing on decimals and fractions we also did hot and cold task assessments. We are investigating the values of each digit in numbers with 3 d.p. and how to manipulate them.


By Brie, Philip and Poppy






World Book Day

3 witches!!

Week beginning


This week in English, we learned how to use dialogue to describe a character and reading the next scene of our book- Macbeth- where Lady Macbeth is introduced. Percentages has been our topic in Math this term and we are converting decimals into them this week! In Science, we have explored electrical components, giving life to bulbs, buzzers and motors. It was an amazing experience as we have never done it before! We have been exploring frame structures around the school in DT, sketching structures we can spot. In PE we have been sticking with hockey , the same as last week. On Friday 11th we had to dress up in blue and yellow  to save raise money for Ukraine. Over all, this week has been lively and we cant wait for next week! –Ruby

Exploring electricity

Week beginning 14.03.22


On Thursday, in pairs, we used wires and various components to create movement, sounds and light therefore creating a circuit.


Today some people came to school wearing red to support Red Nose Day, furthermore we donated money to the cause.


On Monday in PE, we played corner football, although it was hard at first, we had lots of fun!


In English, we wrote 2 letters, to and from Macbeth, explaining our thoughts, emotions and motivation for killing King Duncan.


On Tuesday, we practised our skills of over arm throw, which increased our accuracy, and applied this to dodgeball.

Week beginning 21.03.22


         On, Thursday, in science we put together a three-part experiment, which was fun. Also we created hypothesises about what will happen when adding more bulbs to the circuit (it dimmed) and learnt about the different variables, which are the dependent variables control variables and independent variables.

         On Friday, we had two visitors who came in and did some fun activities about the tempest, including acting the narrative out and learning a wave dance based on the magical storm at the beginning of the play script.

                We also had computer sessions where we used components of the SamLab kits to create and control lighting – ready for our puppet theatres.

Week beginning 04.04.22

On Monday we were doing P.E and what we were doing whatever we want and then we went down to year 3    4 play .

On Tuesday we were doing P.E it was handball match.

On Wednesday we did Topic-DT and we are learning about Macbeth .

On Thursday we done our non-chronological report and in the afternoon we done science it was about how to light up a light bulb with a lemon.

 Today we finished our non-chronological report and in the afternoon we are doing free time.