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Term 4

Welcome to Term 4!


This term we are studying Shakespeare's Macbeth and we launched our topic with the three witches.


PE will be on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. PPA is Tuesday PM covered by Bristol Sport and Miss Fletcher teaching RE.


Miss Cameron has leadership on a Monday afternoon, which is covered by Miss Price teaching Spanish and Raff and Cory sport.


Please continue to use Times Tables Rock Stars ( and please read with your child every day.


Any questions please ask!


Yr 6 Team



Last Friday, it was Easter Day. We learnt about the Easter Story and we recreated it in freeze frames.


This week, we did PE and we played handball tournaments.


In DT we finished off our theatres and we performed a scene from Macbeth. We then evaluated our theatres.


We did an assessment in science and we learnt about series and parallel circuits by doing an investigation with lemons with Mr P.



Happy April Fool's Day!


We made our puppet theatre structures. - Abdoul


On Monday, we are going to be decorating our puppet theatres. - Iolo


This week, we've done PE. We played chaos tag. - Patrik


In The Maple Room, we played with puzzles and we played with Lego. - Chloe


For RE Day, we went outside to create freeze frames to show what happened over the Easter week. - Daniel and Abdoul





On Thursday, we were sawing wood and making butt joins and mitre joins to learn new knowledge and skills to make a theatre. - Norah


We were creating shadow puppet theatres with the Sam Labs and making moving parts to add effects to scenes in Macbeth. - Oscar R


In Science, we did an investigation to see what would happen to the brightness of the bulbs when we added more bulbs to the series circuit. - Keelie and Trey


On Tuesday it was World Poetry Day, so we created a class poem about Spring. Please read below. - Norah


On Monday we did hockey in PE - Haydon



On Thursday in DT, we made 3D structures - triangular-based pyramids and cubes - out of straw and Blu-tac. (Norah)


In English, we have been writing a series of letters to and from Lady Macbeth, who is plotting to kill King Duncan. (Beth)


On Monday in PE, we played football (corners). Everyone played excellently. (Sajid)


In Science this week, we drew circuit diagrams then challenged our partner to construct the circuit. (Keelie)


In Maths we have been converting between fractions, decimals and percentages as well as doing assessments. (Phoebe)



We have practised some SATs papers - Iolo


We have done PE; we played handball - Riley


We made posters for the characters in Macbeth - Phoebe


We hunted for frame structures in the playground - Daniel





I had fun with all my friends - Xander


We designed a puppet theatre in DT - Beth


On World Book Day, we dressed up as characters from books - Gaya


We learnt about a story - Chloe


In PE, we learnt how to play handball and everyone was playing excellently - Trey


On World book day, we went to different classes to do different tasks! - Harry