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Term 4-5

Scientist of the Term(s)


Huge congratulations for our scientists of the term - Keep up the great work  +100HP



Nursery Class - Angus


He loves exploring with the magnetic tiles. He likes using the light table to see how the pieces can be combined and the colour changes. He also explores with the intensity of the light using the light table controller. 




Year 1 Willow - Luka

For using accurate scientific language when making observations and predictions.

Year 1 Hawthorne: Charlie

Scientist of the term is Charlie because he has shown a great interest in our work on wild and garden plants, asking interesting questions to help expand his knowledge.


Year 2 Whitebeam/Hazel - Arthur and Elliot

For using their observational skills and their knowledge on plants to work scientifically! 


Year 3 Juniper - Naia


Scientist of the term is Naia because she planned and carried out a fair test. She extended her learning by presenting her data using a table and a block graph.



Year 4 Dogwood - Nuala

She has confidently shown her knowledge about insulators and conductors and able to use this to justify her predictions. 

Year 4 Apple - Finely 

...because he confidently used his problem-solving skills to create working circuits.

Year 5 Lime - Meg

5 Lime's Scientist of the term is Meg H as she is able to link her previous knowledge to the outcomes of experiments in order to ask insightful questions to further her scientific discovery.

Year 5 Cherry - Iniyah 

5 Cherry's Scientist of the term in Iniyah as she consistently makes excellent connections in Science, using correct vocabulary to explain her thinking.


Year 6 Sycamore - Daniel

Daniel is 6 Sycamore's Scientist of the term for writing a very well though-through conclusion.  He used the results of a comparative test, presented in a graph, to provide evidence to back up what he was saying and used his knowledge of materials to explain what was happening.

Year 6 Elder - Poppy

Poppy is 6 Elder's Scientist of the term for her well-written scientific report; she included a prediction based on previous knowledge, clearly presented results (in the form of a table and a line graph) and a conclusion with suggestions for further investigation.