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Term 4

WC 12.03.16


Apologies for not posting on here earlier. We have had a really busy term so far and I have been really impressed by the progress that the children have made over the last few weeks. Despite having run the dinosaur topic for several years in a row, I continue to be amazed by the knowledge they share with each other in class. It is also empowering for children to be the experts and teach the teachers....Mrs C and I have really enjoyed learning from them as well as teaching them. I have posted posted pictures of the children in their World Book Day costumes below and don't forget next week there is a curriculum afternoon. Pop along if you are free. In Maths we have been learning about doubling numbers problem solving and recording addition number sentences. In Literacy we have been writing facts about dinosaurs and writing speech bubbles for dinosaur characters from a story book.


Have a lovely weekend

Mr Hewett


WC 19.02.18


Welcome back and hope you all had a great half term. This week we have introduced our new topic...'Dinosaurs'. Its great to see how much knowledge the children already have to share with the class and how keen they are are to learn more. During the half-term break the Reception teaching team travelled back in time over 100 million year in a time machine and brought back a dinosaur egg which has since hatched! On monday we received a message to let us know there was a dinosaur on the loose in Victoria Park. Don't panic though, its quite a small species known as the 'Bristol Dinosaur' (Thecodontosaurus). In 'Talk for Writing' we have been learning a set of instructions for 'How to trap a dinosaur'. In maths we have been doing some dinosaur problem solving (looking at the feet of dinosaurs showing underneath bushes they are hiding behind and trying to work out how many dinosaurs there are.....for example 4 legs showing could represent 2 T-rex or 1 Triceratops. We have also watched dino raps and videos from Andy's Dinosaur Adventures (available on cbeebies youtube channel). These are great and we look forward to learning more about dinosaurs through these next week.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Mr Hewett