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Term 4

Picture 1

Mariam explained what we have been doing so far this term. "I have enjoyed maths the most so far. We have been doing algebra and we are now doing units of measure. I liked learning how to solve formulae."


Myrtle explained what we have been doing in English. "I have enjoyed making adverts for the Aerospace Museum (that we visited last week) - we learnt to write a heading, use the passive voice, sub-headings and quotes."


"I really enjoyed going on Concorde at the Aerospace Museum," babbled Josie, excitedly, "it was a once in a lifetime opportunity as very few people get to go on it. There were loads of cool facts and interactive games at the museum and we designed our own paper aeroplanes and raced them!"


"I enjoy reading books in the new library," explained Igor, "it gives me a chance to relax and not think about any problems! We now go there every single Friday."


Lola told us about what she has been up to in science. "I like making circuits because um... even though some of the batteries didn't work, it was still fun making all the components work," she said.

Someone has arrived... Somewhere! Who is he? Where is he going? What is running from? Who has he left behind? 


There is only one thing for it, Year 6 are going to have to be reporters and find out what is happening in 'The Arrival', the incredible book by Shaun Tan.


However, that's not all that's going to be happening at the top of the school! There's a tingle in the air as the children begin to investigate electricity, spiralling further into this fizzing topic, engaging their sparky brains as they design a series of experiments.


Having investigated Bristol in the Age of Sail, we are now finishing the Age of Steam and getting ready for the Age of Aviation. To cap off our work this term we will be going to the wonderful new museum in Bristol that celebrates our great city's achievements in the aviation industry.


Finally, in RE, we will be discovering why the idea of 'Salvation' is so important to Christians.


Phew! That's a lot of learning!