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Term 4

Our Class Trip to the Great Western Railway Was Incredible!


We had the best time ever on our class trip on Wednesday 3rd April. We were all dressed and prepared for our evacuee experience. Even Attendance Ted made an effort to dress up and come along with us! 


Having arrived, we travelled through a time portal to arrive at Winchcombe Train Station. It was 1940 and we were being evacuated from Bristol to the countryside. Our journey on the steam engine was rather dramatic: there was a German spy on the train! Thankfully, Miss Aubrey came to the rescue and helped to arrest her. 


Once our train journey had ended, we learned how to put out a fire. It was laborious work pumping water through the hose! Then...a sound...a was the air raid siren! Immediately, we rushed into the Anderson Shelter for safety. In pitch black, we sat there as Luftwaffe planes could be heard dropping bombs. Thankfully, everyone was unharmed and the railway station avoided damage. Phew.


We met some evacuees who shared their first-hand experiences of war. Their stories were moving and helped us understand just what it felt like for children during WWII. After this, it was time to visit the school and meet our new head mistress.


After lunch, we headed back through the time portal and home. What an immersive experience! we couldn't wait to write about our day in our diary entries the following day! 

Great Western Railway WWII Experience

Attendance Ted. Yes!


Lime class have won Attendance Ted for the first time this year with a fantastic 99.7% attendance! Well done to you all on making sure that you come to school everyday! Mrs Croot has been knitting all of Attendance Ted's outfits and finally, we have earned the privilege of having it in Lime. There will be many outfit changes throughout the week! We might even take Attendance Ted on our class trip!




Lime children have held lots of fundraising events this term. They have held a second-hand book and origami sale; they have been running a break time tuck shop and Yusuf's mum came in to bake cakes for the a cake sale. Thank you to everyone who has helped in organising, donating and buying! The money will go towards funding valuable class visits and learning experiences. 


Quotes from Children in 5 Lime!


'It was Eisteddfod! We did loads of COOL activities such as making LOVE SPOONS and we had an AMAZING talent show! Giulia (in 5 Lime) WON! She blew us away with her AWESOME piano playing! (It was really fast!)' Annie


'In PE with Miss Kaur, we have been learning the Lambeth Walk, the Charleston and the Lindy Hop. These are different dances between WWI and WWII that were popular. It has been fun!' Ashton



'On Thursday 21st, we went to the farm and we were doing activities such as gardening and feeding animals. We also tasted different plants which some of us liked and some of us didn't.' Nadiya


'We went to the farm and did lots of activities. I really enjoyed the digging!' Nick


'Our topic is WWII and earlier on in this term, we re-enacted what it would have been like if we were a child during the war.' Izzy N

Visit to the Farm

The Outbreak of WWII has just been announced!


Today, Lime Class heard the announcement on the radio from Neville Chamberlain that Britain is at war with Germany. The children participated in a role play activity and after the announcement of way was heard on the radio, they shared their feelings on the news.


"I feel shocked because I heard that there is going to be a war." (Owen)


"I'm confused. Why is there a war happening?" (Giulia)


"I feel worried. I feel light-headed, like I am going to faint." (Sheik)


"At first I thought it was a joke. Then I looked at everyone else's expressions and realised it was real. I'm really scared and confused now." (Lucan)


"I feel shocked." (Christvie)

Welcome to Term 4!


It is going to be another exciting term of learning. The whole school theme is 'A Moment in Time'. Year 5 will be focusing on 'What Was Life Like During the War? We will look closely at World War II. 


Our class book is Goodnight Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian. We will be writing letters, news reports and also writing an alternative ending to the story.


In Science, we will be looking at forces. This includes: gravity, friction and aerodynamics. We will carry out several investigations and experiments where the children will develop their skills in making predictions, refining research questions and hypotheses and analysing our results. 


In Maths we will be looking at long division, fractions, decimals and percentages. 


PE will be on a Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. 


In our final week, Year 5 will be going on a class trip. This will be on Wednesday 3rd April. Letters will be sent out on the first week of the term.



Please continue to nurture the love of reading with your child. 


It would also be very helpful if time table facts are practiced daily to develop speed. This will help your child across their Maths learning. 


Your child has been given spelling word mats which they have in their class wallets. They are free to take these home and practice the spelling word listed. The spelling words for this term can also be found on this page.