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Term 4

“The course of true love never did run smooth.”
― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream


This term we will be reading A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare and looking at what life was like in Tudor times.


Our swimming lessons will continue on Thursday afternoons and our PE lesson on Mondays will be Football this term. Please make sure that PE kits are in school and that swimming kit is brought on Thursdays.


We will be visiting St Mary Redcliffe Church on the morning of Tuesday 26th February. This is as part of our RE work looking at Holy Week in the lead up to Easter.


On Tuesday 19th March we shall be going to the Windmill Hill City Farm to do some planting. Hopefully, when we return in Term 6, we can eat what we've grown!


Parent's Evenings are also coming up towards the end of Term 4: Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th March. More details will be sent to parent/carers to make appointments.

If you go down to the woods might not believe your eyes!


Year 3 went into the park this afternoon to create fairy houses inspired by our text a Midsummer Night's Dream. We used our creativity and building skills to work with natural resources.  Photos are below.

Which house would you like to live in? 

Year 3 'Arternoon' with guest artists making Midsummer Night's Dream collages. Can you spot yours?

Spring has sprung and Year 3 have been pottering about at Windmill Hill City Farm!


We had great fun learning the parts of a daffodil by dissecting them and looking at each part carefully. Did you know each daffodil has exactly 6 stamen!


We also got stuck in digging over the vegetable patches. We found lots of interesting bits of pottery and different types of worms. We used a key to try to identify them. How many different types of worms do you know?

Have a look at our photos below to see what fun we had!


Yo ho ho and a bottle of water!

We had great fun yesterday learning about boat mending and the times of the tides at Underfall Yard, before a stroll along the riverside to board the Matthew for a special trip around the docks.

We learnt so many things!


Did you know, the time of high and low tide changes every day? It all depends on the gravitational pull of the moon! 


Did you know, a ships speed used to be measured by putting a plank of wood in the water, tied to a string with knots in it and counting the number of knots the water had pulled out? We still measure in knots today!



Have a look below for our photos!