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Term 4

T4 knowledge organiser

Welcome to term 4! Please have a look at our knowledge organiser to see what Y6 will be learning about this term. We will have a strong focus on climate change and dip into the impact transport has had, with a close look at Bristol. PE will once again be every Tuesday and Thursday and there will be an emphasis on fitness, as we will be putting the children through their paces in a sweaty circuits class every Thursday afternoon. We shall talk about mental health and stress management in PSHE and science will be electrifying! 



On Thursday, we had world book day and we were doing activities to do with different books; for example in one class we did Lord of the Rings and had a go at a slow motion battle.


In English, we have been reading our new book called Floodland and today we created a comic strip to explain the key events in the book.


In PE, we have been doing basketball and we had a match. We also did circuit training.


In art, we planned an environmental picture.


In guided maths, we have been revising fractions.


In topic, we researched our class questions about climate change.


In RE, we learnt about the 'Amazing Grace. hymn.


In coding, we have been learning how to build a website using HTML.






In Maths, we learnt how to find the area of a parallelogram and a triangle. We also learnt how to find the perimeter of different shapes.


We had an Engineer's Workshop that taught us how to make a dustpan brush vibrate using an electric circuit with a motor.


In art, we've been thinking about what Greta Thunberg would say and translating that into a piece of artwork.


In English, we were punctuating speech correctly.


In PE this week on Thursday, we did circuit training. It was fun and tiring!


In ICT, we learnt the meaning of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and we searched up websites that effectively used CSS and annotated our findings.


In RE we learnt a modern hymn about God and what the meanings of each paragraph were.


In topic we've been continuing to research about climate change. We looked at sheets of information and wrote an information text on what you can do to help stop climate change.