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Term 4

Welcome to Term 4.

Our topic this term is 'Telling Tales.' We will be looking at lots of different traditional stories from around the world. We will meeting characters from the stories and re-telling the stories using puppets, story props, dressing up and small world toys.We will be making up our own stories too.

If your child has a favourite story please let us know and we will share it in class, or if you would like to come in and read a story we would love to have you! We would really like to share any stories you have from around the world. 

Have a look at our Knowledge Organiser for some ideas on what you can do at home to help with your child's learning.

The first character we are going to meet is the Gingerbread Man, I hope he doesn't run away............

The children had a lovely week making and decorating gingerbread figures, counting different sized gingerbread men and retelling the story. We even had some special actors who acted out the story for us!

On Friday we explored Life Skills - hygiene!  We shared a brilliant book called "What are Germs?" and learned a handwashing song which reminded us that germs are everywhere.  We are learning the words virus, bacteria, multiply, pass on.  We made a tap using mixed media to remind us to wash our hands - these are on display on our 'Healthy Me' display.  We played a Maths game to see how germs multiply, splatted the germs in the water tray and even coloured pictures of real germs magnified many times.  They look very squirmy.  We learned how germs get passed along by using oil and glitter and shaking hands.  


Please remember to log in to Eexat to see the photos of your children's learning; you can leave additional comments sharing your experiences from home. 

Next week we may be finding a very unusual plant growing in Nursery .....


Mrs Knights, Ms Loosley,  Mr Miners, Mrs Mengoud

This week we found some beans. We thought they might be magic beans! We decided to plant the beans and see if they grew. It reminded us of the story of Jack and The Beanstalk which we have been reading.

We watched and waited to see what would happen to the beans. We couldn't believe that the beans grew by lunch time! There was a small shoot with spotty and stripy leaves!

When we came into school the next day the beanstalk had grown and had gone through the ceiling! We wondered what was at the top of the beanstalk. We thought maybe a giant, a beautiful garden or even a unicorn!

By the next day the beanstalk had grown so much that it had grown along the wall and into Reception! I wonder where it will go next?

We planted our own beans too and we are watching and waiting to see what happens to them.


Mrs Knights' children came to school dressed as different characters.  They were very surprised to find a tiger in the classroom.  She told us a story and poured some tea.  We made sandwiches for our own tea party.  Some of us even came back in the evening when it was dark and cosy, for Book at Bedtime. 


Next week we will be thinking about 3 animals that go in search of sweet, green grass. 



This week we have been trying to help the Three Billy Goats Gruff cross the river to get to the sweet green grass. The problem was a troll lived under the bridge and wouldn't let them cross!

We thought about how they could fly over the river in a plane, walk all the way around the river or make another bridge further up the river.

We have made bridges out of different construction materials and junk. We made long bridges outside and trip trapped across being careful not to wale the troll.

We have also written our own versions of the The Three Billy Goats Gruff. 

What a busy week!