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Term 4 - Greek Myths and Legends

Week beginning 9th March


"We are now practising our play with the props and actions to the songs. It's getting close to our performance date." Keelie


"On Tuesday we went on our trip to Puzzlewood and it was the most magical place I have ever seen." Beth


"On Thursday in Computing, we used Garageband to make our own music." Gaya

Week beginning 2nd March


"This week we started working on our new play and as we have been practising it, we have been thinking about new ideas to make it better." Gaya and Keelie.


"We started rehearsing on Monday and surprisingly it took us 3 afternoons to go through the play once." Beth


We are all using this weekend to learn our lines so we won't need our scripts next week.


Week beginning 24th February


"This week, from Tuesday until Thursday, we did Bikeability. It was all about learning how to ride a bike and what you need to know for when you are older and riding on the road." Gaya


"On Thursday, as part of Bikeability, we went weaving between cones holding a quoit and we had to stop and put it inside the circle of cones. Weaving was difficult but placing the quoit was easy." Brie


"This week we started a new topic Greek legends and Myths. We have been focusing on Theseus and the Minotaur. " Iolo


"On Friday we were focusing on a new myth called Icarus and Daedalus where Icarus flew too high and the sun melted the wax and he fell into the sea." Beth


"On Thursday we made a piece of music on the IPads during computing using a program called Garageband. At the end, some of us got to show our music to the class." Amanda

Greek Myths and Legends


In Term 4, we will be exploring the myths and legends of Ancient Greece. We will study some of the stories and then use them to inspire us to write our own. 

Visiting Puzzlewood will help us create atmosphere and settings for our stories.

We will explore Greek art and pottery and in DT design our own Greek vases for our very own museum.

LKS2 will also be busy putting on their production of 'Wind in the Willows' for the school and their grown-ups. 

Term 4 Knowledge Organiser