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Term 4 - The Highwayman

Thursday 8th March 2018


So far the children have been learning to.......


"....convert mixed number fractions into improper fractions" (Megan)


"....recite an old poem called the Highwayman" (Hussien)


"We've also written our own suspense stories" (Paige)


"....practise our skills in netball" (Dawid)


"....make our own puppets for the Highwayman" (Sophie)


"....make our own Mothers Day cards in art" (Ethan)


".....practise our debate skills by arguing about whether or not the Spring Show should come back" (Jemima)


by Alfred Noyes


Hello and welcome back everyone! This term is a very short term - 5 weeks! Therefore it is an ideal term to finish off our in depth work to do with fairgrounds and to complete 3 weeks based on the famous poem - The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. This poem was written in 1906 and it portrays a story about love and betrayal. During this unit we will learn the grammatical features of this poem as well as the figurative language skills that Alfred Noyes used. Furthermore, Year 5 will learn the poem and recite it using drama. By the end of the term the children will compose their own poems whilst remember what they've learnt about syllables and figurative language. 


During weeks 2 and 3, the children will be completing their termly NFER tests which will help the teacher to assess where the current gaps in learning are. It will also provide the children with the opportunity to challenge themselves across writing, maths and reading.  


Home Learning


In 5KF Apple, we're developing an excellent culture for reading and sharing stories. We read every single day in class. Sometimes we find it hard to know what book to read next. Therefore I've included a link for a website that identifies suitable reading books for children between the years of 9-10. Have a look and enjoy!


Because this is a poetry unit, we would like the children to use home learning time as a way of writing or reading different poems. The children could explore the different types of poem and they could even bring in their favourites for the reflection corner. Perhaps there's a tasty riddle that could be shared with the class! 


Here's a simple one to get you started - 5 house points for the first correct answer. 


If you have me, you want to share me. 

If you share me, you haven't got me. 


What am I?