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Term 5

Week 1


This week we are learning about Our local area. we have been thinking about where we live.

Children have been designing their own front door and writing their house number on it.

We have been painting houses using wooden blocks and we have discovered where our house is using google maps.

We wanted to find out about the school too so we had a walk around the school and visited some classrooms and different spaces that we haven't seen before such the secret garden and the top kitchen.

Children enjoyed the outdoors classroom and they decided that they wanted to sing some songs there, so we did. 

We had the visit of Maria from Spain and Ali from Algeria, two puppets that they are going to tell us all about their Countries and Nursery are going to tell them about this Country. They are going to have a visit to each of our houses for a night so they can see where we live.

All the children will get a chance to take  Ali and Maria home for the night in the next couple of weeks.


Have a go at finding your home, local shop or a park using google maps.


Have a nice weekend

The Nursery Team 


Week 2:


This week we have been learning about Our local area.

Children have had a treasure hunt around the school, they had to find clues and then once they collected all they found the treasure " A pineapple!" they loved sharing it for snack.


We have been making paper maps and using the X to mark the spots.

They have use different pictures to create their own treasure map too.

On Wednesday morning Nursery went to Forest School and they have a fab session using sticks and rainbow string to attach to the stick. We learnt to make a simple knot. Children enjoyed climbing and getting back into the outdoors fun!


Children have been really busy and they have really enjoyed drawing and making different marks on paper.

On Friday we created a large map with straws, glue and watercolour paint and children were really creative at adding things on to the map. Good team work! 


Have a good weekend

The Nursery Team 





Week 3

This week we have been learning about patterns. 


Children have been using clay and making a rectangular tile cutting with butter knife and using rolling pins to make it flat, then they used different types of pasta to decorated and make the patterns on the tile.


Children have decorated a sheep making pattern with circular cork and white paint, in the afternoon they visited the farm and they had a lovely time with the animals feeding the goats and ducks, watering the plants and digging in the mud.

Also we have been using patterned stamps and paint to make marks on paper and creating patterns. 


On Wednesday we had a lovely time splashing on puddles at forest school and making the most of the rainy day. We also made binoculars with empty toilet rolls and decorated with petals and a piece of string.


We are really enjoying wrapping presents and reusing cardboard boxes, so please fill free to bring in some empty boxes and old wrapping paper too so they can carry on improving their wrapping skills. 


Have a lovely weekend

The nursery Team 

week 4


What a busy week Nursery has had!

We have used the story Rosie's walk for our topic this week.

We have been talking about what is local to our area, children visited the farm las week and other group have visited on Thursday so we have been talking about the farm animals. 

during the week children have had the opportunity of using paint and feathers to paint a Hen, some brown and red paint to paint a fox and some black & white paint to paint a cow and adding some string for the tail. 


We also have been busy painting the tiles with different colours for the school arts project.

On Wednesday we made bird feeders at forest school and as a class treat we had roasted marsmallows over the fire in the school secret garden with Mrs Moral as a part of our marble reward in the class. 


On Thursday children enjoy the bee bots robots, they use simple coding instructions to move around the room, some kids liked a challenge and they were using them on a map following the arrows.


We visited the farm and had a change to see lots of lovely animals, feed and stroke them and kids had a chance to do some digging.  They loved sinking the watering cans in a big water container and watering the vegetables growing around.


We are still enjoying using cardboard boxes and masking tape to make presents for our family and friends.


Have a good weekend

The Nursery Team



Week 5:

This week we have been really busy!

We have had the story Shark in the Park on a Windy Day.

Children have really enjoyed looking through the telescope and we have been designing and decorating telescopes out of paper and cardboard.

We have been designing our own versions of a park too drawing slides, swings, climbing frames, trees, some children even added the coffee van where they buy their ice creams smiley

On Wednesday we had a walk around the park spotting things through our telescopes and we went to the park, children enjoyed rolling down the hill by the slide sharing the circular swing with friends and climbing 

For the Queen Jubilee we have decorated some bunting using red, blue and white.


Have a lovely half term

The Nursery Team