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Term 5

Medium Term Plan

This term our enquiry question is 'What can I see?' We will be thinking about where we live and what it is like living in a city. We will then go on to compare Bristol to a different city in the world. 

Week 1 

This week we launched our topic of What can I see? Some aliens landed in our outside classroom! They have come to learn about what it is like living on Earth and living in Bristol. We explored the planet that they came from and think they must have come from Mars. We learnt about all the planets and the differences between them. The children learnt different facts about the planets and wrote what they would need to take with them on a trip to Mars. 


Week 2. 

This week we have thought about living in Bristol/ The children were very surprised that we all live in Bristol! We went and looked at the view from our school and thought about what it is like to live in a city. We used google earth to find Bristol and found our school. We have read the book 'Window' and thought about what we can see out of our windows. We can all see lots different things from our window and compared our views. 


Week 3 

This week we have a wonderful trip on a boat and a walk around Bristol. We loved going on the boat and spotted so many different things. We feel very lucky to live in a city with a river. The children also went to the MShed where we learnt even more about Bristol and how it has changed. It was a wonderful trip but we did get very wet and had to have our picnic in the classroom instead of in the park. 


Week 4 

This week we have been thinking about maps and how we can draw maps for many reasons. We looked at a map of Bristol and saw the river running through the city. We then read the story 'What the ladybird heard' and looked at the map drawn by the robbers. We had a go at drawing treasure maps and maps to holidays we wanted to go on. We also looked at books that had imaginary maps of places such as 'The Super Happy Magic Forest.' The children then drew their own imaginary places. 


Week 5

This week we read the story 'All Aboard the Bobo Road'. We thought about the city of Burkina Faso and what the people on the bus saw on their journey. We thought about the similarities and differences of what we saw on our boat trip. The children were amazed that the river in Burkina Faso might have hippos, we didn't see any hippos in Bristol! We used Google Earth to find Burkina Faso and looked at the landscape and how it differs to Bristol.