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Term 5

PSHE Materials for Term 6

Week Beginning 25th April 

Week 1

Welcome to Term 5.  We hope that you have had an amazing two weeks off and ready for more fantastic learning! 

Congratulations to Libby who is our SuperLeaner of this week. 


Arthur - I really enjoyed english because we wrote our instructions for making dumplings on Monday.  The dumplings were delicious. 


Ayman - I have enjoyed maths.  We looked at how we read scales. 


Anya - I really enjoyed science.  We have been learning about plants especially how a seed grows into a plant. 


Robyn and Zaf - I really enjoyed Art.  We drew pictures inspired by Chinese Rock Art. 


Jessica - I really enjoyed RE.  We looked at groups we belong in and how that makes us feel.  


Well done 2 Whitebeam for another amazing week.  Don't forget it is Bank Holiday on Monday so I will see you on Tuesday! Have a wonderful three day weekend!

Miss Ali 


Week Beginning 3.05.2022

Week 2

A fantastic week full of amazing learning.

Congratulations to Zaf for being our super leaner this weekangel


Dusty - I have really enjoyed RE when we looked closely at the story 'The prodigal of the lost son'.  It showed Christians how we treat each other by forgiving and forgetting. yes


Fatima and Jessica - I have enjoyed English. When we did outdoor learning and focusing on different sentence type.  Top tip: Look closely at punctuations ! yesfrown


Ayman - I have enjoyed Maths especially when we looked at shapes.  We focused on vertices and sides. laugh


Robyn: I enjoyed Art when we painted hot and cold colours.  Did you know that red and yellow make orange?



Well done for persevering this week.  Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday. 

Miss Ali 


Week Beginning 9th May 

Week 3

Another week of great learning.

Well done to Ayman for being a Super Leaner this week laugh


Sofia: I really enjoyed English when we painted a picture of what we thought was going happen next in the book 'The Magic paintbrush'.  yes


Nevaeh: I really enjoyed Maths.  We looked at number bonds and properties of 3D shapes.  We even looked at the vocabulary; vertices and edgescool


Lena: I really enjoyed PE.  We used our feet to control our speed. laugh


Jessica and Arthur : I really enjoyed RE when we looked at the story 'The Boy who threw stones at trees'.  Did you know it teaches Muslims to treat the world with respect? It also teaches Muslims to be patient and be calm when talking to someone.yesenlightened


Anya: I have enjoyed Art where we did more of Chinese Rock Art. laugh


Robyn: I enjoyed science where we investigated what plants need in order for them to survive.  I think the plant close to the window will grow better than the plant that will be in a cupboard with no light. wink


Have a lovely weekend.  I will see you all on Monday!

Miss Alicool

Week Beginning 16.05.2022

Week 5

Another fab learning from all of 2 Whitebeam!

Well done to Rahima for being a superlearner this week angel


Seren - I really enjoyed Art. We were able to finish off our Chinese Rock Art pictures! We cannot wait to take them home to show our adults!devil


Mubarik - I really enjoyed going to the mosque.  I learnt that Muslims prayer 5 times a day.angel


Lillie-Rose - I really enjoyed English and Maths.  We made our very own board games using the four operations and common exception words. laugh


Jonah: I really enjoyed science where we looked at plant dispersals and we made paper helicopter seeds. wink



Arthur - I really enjoyed our refelection afternoon.  We made sculptures out of playdough, we reflected on questions, went to the library to meditate and even made prayer hoops. wink



Hope you have a restful weekend.  One more week to go until half term. 

Miss Ali wink