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Term 5

Term 5


Geography - Why do people leave their homes?


Welcome back everyone!

Each Friday we will update our class page with photos and information to let you know what the children have been learning about.



Please encourage your child to read at least 4 times per week. Sign and date your child’s reading record, this will be checked on Fridays.

Don’t forget that you can also read on Oxford Reading Buddy:  and this can also be recorded in reading records. If you have forgotten your username and password, please speak to a Year 5 adult.


Times Table Rock Stars

Please encourage your child to practise their timestables on Times Tables Rock Stars at least 3 times per week for around 15 minutes. If your child needs a reminder of their username and password, please ask their class teacher.





During PE days, the children can come into school wearing PE kits and will stay in their kits for the whole day.  Please can children bring in their school jumpers so that they can wear them after their PE lessons. 


During Forest school, the children can come in suitable clothes for being in the park (eg. weather appropriate, able to get dirty) but need to bring in their Forest School shoes in a bag. 



Daps or trainers

Black shorts or black jogging bottoms

White T-Shirt

A hair band for children with longer hair






PPA cover will be taken by Ms Fletcher and Mrs H on Thursday mornings. Ms Fletcher will take children for science and Mrs H will be covering art.


Thank you so much for your continued support


Miss Fraser, Miss Bendon, Mrs Clarke and Ms Redfern

Week beginning 25.4.22


Why Do People Leave Their Homes?


In order to introduce our new topic ‘Why do people leave their homes?’, we read the book ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder. We explored the message inferred from the story and discussed how people might feel about ‘outsiders’ coming to their homes. We then compared this to newspaper headlines about migrants and asylum seekers and discussed how biased media can affect society’s views towards these people.

We then created our own dramas retelling the story of  The Island but from the point of view of the stranger. We explored how often people who are need help do not have a voice or are not listened to and what they might say if they have a platform to talk from.





On our second day, we were introduced to our book this term which is called ‘A Story Like the Wind’ by Gill Lewis.


We looked at the initial illustrations of a city before and after it has been devastated and compared these with real photographs of recent events in Ukraine.

We discussed how it might feel to be displaced after your home has been destroyed and then created our own poetry based on the point of view of people who have had to leave their homes.





This week we have also started making our costumes for St Paul's Carnival! We are so excited that we have been chosen to perform on the 2nd July and have had so much fun creating our headdresses and tie-dye t-shirts!





Week beginning 2.5.22


Creating Atmosphere Through Descriptive Writing


Although it's been slightly shorter, we have still had a jampacked week! We started the week with continuing to read more of our term book, A Story Like The Wind. We then used the fantastic illustrations to inspire us to create our own setting descriptions based on the travellers riding in the middle of the ocean with no idea if they would survive:



Exploring Fractions in Maths

This week we have also started learning about fractions. We started by trying to work out how we could each receive the most fractions of chocolate without having to share it with others! We then created our own fraction walls and explored equivalent fractions.


Why Do People Leave Their Homes?

We also further explored the various reasons as to why someone would leave their home. We chose different countries to research and created fact files about them:


Week beginning 9.5.22


Visits to Our Local Mosque

On Wednesday, we went to Totterdown Mosque, where Imam Mohamed spoke to us about the Islamic faith and the role the mosque plays in the community. He gave us his view of our big question 'Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or generosity and charity?' and we explored the different artwork, designs, and sacred artefacts. It was really special to be able to listen to some of our class members recite Islamic prayers!





St Paul's Carnival Preparations

This week we also got to meet the amazing Miss V! She will be teaching us our dance for St Paul's Carnival on 2nd July. We learnt the first few dance steps and although it was a bit tricky, we persevered!





Week beginning 16.5.22


Dear Mr Johnson...


As part of our topic on 'Why Do People Leave Their Homes?', we have been learning about balanced arguments. We have written letters to our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to tell him whether we think we should open, or close, our borders to asylum seekers. We have focused on using modal verbs and adverbs of possibility.




RE Reflection Day

As part of our first school reflection day, we took part in 4 different activities that centred around our value for this term, trust.





Week beginning 23.5.22

We started off this week with a visit to St Mary Redcliffe Church in order to explore our big question 'Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or generosity and charity?'


Visit to St Mary Redcliffe Church

This week in Forest School we identified different types of trees that live in our local environment

Forest School