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Term 5

  • Spend lots of time outside when possible and enjoy the changing seasons.
  • Visit the library and find different versions of the books we are reading, or find stories with similar themes eg stories about goats, farm animals and Friendships.
  • Act out the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff or the 3 Little Pigs - make some masks or re-purpose toys that you already have
  • Take some photos and show us your creations!
  • Help your children become confident about starting Reception classes by reminding them that they already know lots of information about a school.


And here we are at the end of Term 5!  Next term is very busy as some of you visit new Reception classes in different schools, so please let us know when you have these dates.


We had a lovely curriculum afternoon on Wednesday where we made animal masks and enjoyed showing you around our Nursery.  We have been exploring our own interests this week which are water, sand, cars and ramps and being outside of course!


We wish you a lovely week's holiday and will see you on Wednesday 6th June.


Curriculum map for Term 6 is on the Term 6 page.


Mrs Knights, Mrs Moral and Mr Javi



This week we have been exploring our strength outside and creating intricate waterways with a network of pipes.  Mostly we were very excited about our own learning, and finding out about the Royal Wedding.  We had a Royal Tea Party on Friday afternoon, with sandwiches and cakes we iced ourselves.  Some of us wondered what it would be like to spend the day in a dress or gloves and a veil ....


Enjoy the pageantry of Saturday, and see you next week!


Mrs Knights, Mrs Moral and Mr Javi.


PS  Please remember Nursery is closed on 20th June for new children to visit.  If you are joining our Reception class a letter will be coming to you shortly about meetings on 21st June in the afternoon or evening. 

We have enjoyed a wonderful 2 weeks of Beanstalk learning - height, length, planting, chopping, and discovering Big and Small things in life.

We have explored climbing and swinging like Jack on the swaying beanstalk when outside and scooping and pouring different coloured water with containers that are both big and small to create potions.  

We have drawn our own beanstalks and wondered what would be at the top of them, and held handfuls of beans to see if we can hold more than a giant's hand!

Thursday was a fabulous trip to City Farm where Julie and Nicky showed us around and we got very close to the animals - we all had our own favourite ones (mine was the black woolly lamb) and we all thought it was very funny to be pecked by the hens! 

We were super brave and tasted new things which Julie and Nicky picked  for us:  marigold flowers, chive flowers and stems, lettuce and sour sorrel.  

We practised our digging skills in the big soil patches - it was hard work because the ground was quite solid.


We were very tired the next day in Nursery .....


Have a restful weekend !

And here we are at the end of week 3 already!


We are whooshing through learning - ask the children about the big bad wolf and where he keeps popping up.  This week was all about red - red cloaks, red shoes, red dresses and red things around us, including a story called Little Red Riding Hood.  We have read, drawn and acted out the story together.  Our words of the week have been cloak and prowl!  And we have even practised being woodcutters - see if you can spot the photograph ....

We are learning about pattern and made our own edible red ones with different fruit (grape, strawberry and watermelon if you want to repeat the activity at home) threaded onto a skewer then eaten of course.  Photos are in the children's learning diary observations.  

There is a fabulous song called big bad wolf on you tube by the Campfire Crew which the children love, see if you can find it.  


Look out for the letter about our visit to City Farm on Thursday 10th May 1-3 pm.  If you would like to come with us, please let us know.  We will leave from and return to school.  


Happy and hopefully warmer weekend to all,


Mrs Knights, Mrs Moral and Mr Javi

Welcome back to Term 5 with sunny days we hope!

We started week 1 by looking at the story of the 3 billy goats gruff and learned that a field of luscious grass is called a meadow.


We continued week 2 by finding another story with 3 animals in it; this time 3 little pigs.  We love the big bad wolf and have been exploring how to blow different structures down.  (we discovered that a huffing and puffing hairdryer blows straw about really successfully!)


We have created texture pigs, cut around different shaped houses, and built structures outside. We also decided what would make good ingredients for the cooking pot which boiled the wolf's bottom!  We also like the word smouldering and are practising how to use this in sentences.


Congratulations on receiving your offer of Reception places - if you are coming to our school, please look out for letters about meetings and play days which will come in May.  


NURSERY WILL BE CLOSED TO CHILDREN ON Wednesday 20th June.  We are planning a whole Nursery day trip to Weston to replace this day.  Please remember to organise any child care for 20th June.


Lovely to see everyone again - we are as busy with our learning as ever!


Mrs Knights and Team Maple